One Leap

Have you ever been zoning out while your iPod is on shuffle, and then suddenly realize the random song that is playing describes exactly how you feel in the moment?  This happens every once in awhile and always catches me by surprise.  I immediately decide I am in love with the song for being there for me when I need it, and listen to it on repeat until my emotions work themselves out and I’m back to happy dance music.

My recent song came on when I just let Joshua Radin’s “The Rock and the Tide” play on my first long drive after coming back from Russia.  It’s my go to CD when I can’t pick anything else, but this time one of my lesser favorite songs came on and I had that feeling of soulful recognition again (yet another reason why I love Joshua Radin music).

The song is called “One Leap,” and the verse that hit me right in the heart was the following:

“I talk to you in my mind,
while I lie down, I wish you could hear
all the words you’d said, without knowing,
they traveled the world in my ears.”

“And it’s too much to say,
I need you this way.
But tomorrow, you’re already gone,
and I have to move on.”



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