Setting Down Roots

Remember that last post when I was leaving for Induction for TFA?  Well that is already over.  The brief 5 days were PACKED with info sessions, reflection sessions, socials, and even a scavenger hunt.  I made some really good friends in a short time, met more people that I’m sure I will become better friends with soon, and even more people who I’m sure are awesome, but I just haven’t spoken to much yet ; )

Here are some of the main updates I have for you all:

1) I signed a lease with Memorial Creek in South Tulsa.  I ultimately decided on living alone.  I haven’t tried it before, but I really like to have time to myself.  I am in a very quiet part of the complex on the top floor.  While the top will be a pain when I move in, it will be really nice to not have loud upstairs neighbors (and I won’t freak out as much if I hear a weird noise).  You can see my floor plan below.  It’s 726 sq ft, and basically the perfect size for me.

Memorial Creek A1 Model

My Apartment at Memorial Creek

2) I bought a bed.  Leasing an apartment alone was stressful, but really nothing compared to browsing the HUGE Rooms Today showroom (no, not Rooms To Go).  I felt completely overwhelmed in choosing a bed frame, mattress, couch, table, etc.  I’ve never bought furniture before, and I have no idea what prices are reasonable and what brands are good.  I decided that I could wait on buying everything else, but it would be really nice to have a bed as soon as I get back to Tulsa.  I ultimately settled on the Crown Mark one shown below.  I love the shallow cubbyholes it has to add some decorations or just to put small decorative things in.

Kelly's Bed

My Bed: Crown Mark Queen 1400

3) I have a tentative placement at Park Elementary School.  You can view their full profile here.  I really like that it has a high Native American population because this is a minority group I have had little exposure to in Florida.  Also, the school’s test scores are pretty decent in reading, but they do struggle in math.  In case you didn’t know, I kick ass in math.  I also thought it was REALLY cool that they operate a “Micro-Society,” which is described as such:

Micro-Society is an exciting program that is only offered at two elementary schools in the Tulsa Public School District. The program is designed to teach children about the complexities of our worldwide society through the implementation of building a micro-society within our school.The students learn about and are given the opportunity to experience running a school government, establishing businesses, and providing services such as banking. They are involved in the entire process including designing their businesses, setting up bank loans to start their ventures, advertising, the interview process, production of goods, and sales.This on-going experience also includes:

  • Completing job applications
  • Interviewing
  • Budgets
  • Writing a Constitution
  • Hiring and firing of employees

Pretty cool, right?

I leave for Arizona tomorrow, with a brief overnight stay in Santa Fe.  I only have passenger, which made packing the car infinitely easier.  It will be nice to have company on this trip.  Let’s just hope I can dodge the crazy fires going on out there…


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