Kindred Spirits (When It Comes to Love)

About a few months after I got back from Russia, I saw the trailer for Like Crazy (see end of entry).  The movie is about a girl from the U.K. who falls in love with an American guy in college, and after violating the terms of her visa to stay in the US for a summer with him, she is deported.  The rest of the movie follows the pair as they struggle and find happiness through their journey to reunite with each other.  Sometimes they are together, but a lot of times they are apart or with other people.  Obviously, this plot tugged a bit at my heartstrings, and after nearly a year of waiting, I was able to watch it on DVD this past weekend.

I figured it would just be a relatable movie, but oh no.  It let me find the one movie character that is almost an exact copy of how I am in relationships.  My dear Anna, you are my kindred spirit when it comes to romance.  Here’s just a few reasons why:

1.  I would (and have) written a guy a letter as a way to get his attention.  I absolutely love writing and usually tow a fine line between quirky and truly caring when I write letters.  I should totally steal the idea of leaving one on someone’s car someday.  That took guts, but I admired it just the same.

2. Anna makes Jacob a beautiful scrapbook of their love story when she is about to leave.  I have done this TWICE.  Once for Ben, post-break up, when he was leaving.  This was in mid-high school, so I don’t remember it perfectly, but I know it opened with a goodbye letter that was very difficult to write.  The second scrapbook was for Nikita, which you can see in my old entry here.  I get very inspired to write and create such books when I feel really emotional about something- as does Anna.

3. I’m not super affectionate when in public places, but I love to be a little daring occasionally if the mood strikes and will kiss someone like in the picture below.  I found this especially cute in the movie because it was right after her parents drove away, which made it more amusing.

4. Even if it will make me look pathetic, I will reach out to someone if I miss them.  I will send that “I miss you” text just as she did in the movie, and then regret it when I wait for the same response that will never come.  I’ll never be like the guy who starts to type “I miss you” and then change his mind halfway through.  If you feel it, you say it.

5. In relation to number four, I suck at playing it cool.  When Jacob calls Anna she pretends she’s fine and then calls him back a minute later to admit she’s not and misses him A LOT- that’s so me.  I can’t make myself pretend like I don’t have feelings.  Even if I could make the words come out like that, it would be all over my face.  You may like it or hate it, but you will always know what I am feeling.

6. No matter how comfortable I am, I would never stay with someone I couldn’t completely love.  It may be the safe choice and guarantee you won’t die alone, but there is a reason I am nearing 24 and am still single.  I can’t settle for safe.  And neither could Anna.

7. I truly believe it is always better to lay your feelings on the line.  I admire Anna’s character so much for the phone call she made where she said she would never find what she had with Jacob with anyone else.  That even though she knew he was with someone else and moving on, she made that one last grand gesture.  I have done that before, too.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but I’d rather know I did everything I could than sit alone with my pride wondering what could have been.

So here’s to you, Anna, and the actress and writers that brought you into existence.  You reminded me to be true to myself, and that in doing so, both happiness and suffering will be sure to follow.  I can only hope that happiness wins out in the end and tips the scale.

P.S.- Do yourself a favor and download Ingrid Michaelson’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Dead Hearts” by Stars.  They are both in the trailer embedded below, and are quite beautiful.


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