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July 29, 2012

My First Drive-In Theater Experience

Growing up in Orlando did not offer me a lot of authentic, small town experiences.  For example, when someone mentioned “drive-in movies,” my mind went straight to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It’s a restaurant where you sit in fake old cars while watching cartoons and movie clips play on the screen:

Sci Fi Dine In Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Of course this is not a legit drive-in theater, but I don’t remember ever hearing of an actual drive-in theater to go to in or near Orlando.  I gave up that the concept was probably outdated and that I would never get to go to a real one.

WELL, Tulsa does have its perks- one of which is that it *just* re-opened the Admiral Twin Drive-In.  The theater has two sides that each play one double feature starting when it gets dark.  My friend Briana and I ventured out on Saturday night to finally see The Dark Knight Rises.  Both of us were eager to see how this whole “drive-in” thing works (she grew up in New York- also not a big drive-in place).

Admiral Twin Drive-In

Based on what I had read, some people had complained of long lines getting in, so I played it uber-safe and got there around 7:15 (gates open at 7).  I wasn’t surprised to see the lot pretty empty, but we got a good spot in the second row back (there’s space right up to the screen, but the poles that mark the spaces for cars probably start about 50+ feet away).  After we got there, cars kept steadily coming in.  I would recommend aiming to get there at 8 if you plan on getting food.  You will still get a good spot, won’t face much (if any) of a line at the front, and you’ll have time to get food and settle in.

Now, I had no idea what the food prices would be or how strict they were about not bringing in outside food.  I decided to being some water bottles and a few snacks in my purse, but planned on eating some type of dinner at the theater.  They definitely don’t check any bags or your car for food, and there were a LOT of people who brought whole coolers of stuff.  I also saw a kid with a bunch of Subway subs, so yeah.  Don’t be afraid to make yourself a gourmet meal and bring it over.  Just maybe put it in the trunk until you park in front of the screen.

Admiral Twin Concessions Menu

If you do want to eat there, I posted their menu above with prices.  Their concessions and bathrooms (which Briana said were clean and decent) are located right under the back to back screens in the center of the drive-in.  I think the dinner options- cheeseburger, chicken fingers, etc. are VERY reasonably priced.  I got the chicken fingers with ranch and it was great.  They give you a good-sized portion that is not too much or too little, and it was nice and hot when I got it (few things are worse than cold fries).  I also opted to get their souvenir cup (see below)- and I NEVER get souvenir cups.  However, this one was only $5, and whenever you bring it back-for the rest of your life or however long this drive-in is open- you get $1 refills!  I plan on coming back- even being able to use it once more would get my money’s worth.  Plus, you know, I get to have another cup for home : D

Souvenir Cup for $5- Refills only $1

On the side we were on, you had to turn your car radio station to 88.3 FM to hear the movie’s audio.  You can turn this station on early because they play music before the film like regular theaters.  I was a little worried about my car battery dying with just the radio on, but I felt pretty assured that it wouldn’t- otherwise why would they broadcast sound that way? HOWEVER, it was really hard in this heat to not have the air conditioning on.  We kept the car off with the windows down for probably the first hour or so and I could feel my clothes slowly getting soaked with sweat (when we left at 11:45 pm, it was only down to 95 degrees!).  After the first hour, I turned the car on for about 5 minutes every 10-15 minutes just to circulate some air.  This worked well, and I was lucky to have a pretty quiet car as to not disturb nearby people.  Keep in mind that for a second, your radio will turn off to turn on the car, so don’t do this during key scenes.  Loud, action sequences would probably be best if your movie has them.  Many people sat out in chairs on the ground or in the back of their pick-up truck, so that’s also definitely an option.  I liked the sound quality of being in my car (the radio had absolutely no static- it was crystal clear), and the fact that I could avoid bugs- but then again, I’ve always been an indoor girl ; )

Amberjack in the backseat at Admiral Twin

Lastly, I really enjoyed that Admiral Twin allows you to bring pets as long as they stay on a leash.  Amberjack still has some issues barking and getting anxious when I leave, and she’s at her worst at night.  Because of this, I always try to get home before dark to appease her and my neighbors.  The drive-in, though, gives me a way to see movies at night without having to worry about AJ.  I just put together the dog-equivalent of a diaper bag, set up a little bed for her in the back, and she’s was all set.  Note: If you bring a pet, they have to remain on a leash at all times.

As for the actual movie, I thought The Dark Knight Rises was only okay.  I’m just not a huge fan of this Batman franchise.  I find them a little hard to follow and get confused a lot about why people are doing things.  I liked the last 5 minutes a lot though : D  And getting to see the Man of Steel and Hobbit trailers beforehand was a big plus.  I can’t recommend The Dark Knight Rises movie, but I will recommend the Admiral Twin Drive-In.  The good food, new movie at a cheap price ($7!!), fun atmosphere, and great sound quality made for a fabulous first drive-in theater experience.

July 23, 2012

Quit Playing Games with My Heart…No Seriously

I think a lot of people can relate to being in the situation where you can see your relationship with someone (at whatever stage) is not going well, but you feel conflicted on what to do about it.  You think about ending it, but then realize you’re not ready to give up hope yet that things could get better.  You think about confronting the problems, but wonder if you’ll get a real chance to do that or if it will end the relationship in itself.  And you think about sticking it out- maybe the timing is just off right now and it will get better, right?  Right?

Since I’ve been back in Tulsa I’ve definitely had to go through all of these thoughts.  I was dating this guy again- which some people might think is a complete mistake, but I’m always for going with your gut on whether or not to give second chances.  We talked about what went wrong.  We talked about dating and avoiding ending the same way again.  And then we had a few great dates- the kind where you laugh, and talk about serious things, and have those great kisses that make you so excited to see the person again.  But then I found myself back where I was four months ago.  There weren’t any conversations about making plans for the next date.  There weren’t really any conversations period.

And so I quickly realized I had found myself a player in a game.  You know, the one where you have to ignore the guy to get their attention.  Being genuine and happy we were dating wasn’t working, so I had to pretend like I wasn’t wondering how his day is going or didn’t care if I saw him this weekend.  But I realized to play this game, I would have to change who I am.  I am never going to be the hot and cold girl- I’m just consistently warm : )  I want to be there to support you, celebrate with you, challenge you, vent with you.  I don’t need to see you every day or have hour long phone conversations every night, but a short call here, a date night there…it goes a long way.  And in this situation, I had about two text messages a week that said really nothing important.

So finally I allowed myself to admit what I’d known all along- I’m afraid to end this because this could be something.  But what am I really losing when I currently have nothing?  I turned to a few sources of inspiration that brought further clarity:

Sex and the City: I’ve been marathoning through episodes of this since I’ve been back in Tulsa.  I haven’t watched the series in a long time, and I find it much more relatable now than when I first watched the show.  When I saw this episode (see below for the story line I care about), I found myself empathizing with Carrie.  I knew exactly how she felt in a much smaller way- especially at the quote “Why is it so hard for you to factor me into your life in any real way?”  Here I am, trying to let someone into my life more and get to know them and they can’t even respond to a single text message in less than three days.  Yes, Carrie gets a little crazy, but at the core, I think a lot of girls have felt similarly at one time or another.

Emily and Jef: The Bachelorette is ridiculous.  I’m not going to defend it.  But I liked watching this season because here’s a girl that knows when something doesn’t feel right that it’s time to let it go and make room for something better.  She also mentioned how one of her favorite things about Jef, her final choice, was that he made her feel confident.  Did I feel confident with my guy?  No.  I didn’t really feel insecure about myself, but most of the time I just felt disappointed- which obviously was a bad sign.

Loved this moment- and the 80’s song montage afterwards.

Friends (The real kind, not the TV show): Talking with your girlfriends is a must when you’re frustrated with a guy.  I had one friend going through something similar, and we would both reflect a lot on our problems and try to find a solution or bright spot amongst the disappointment.  I talked with another friend about these games guys play- that some are really only in it for the chase.  Once you make it clear you’re interested and ready to pursue something they’re done.  Can you keep playing the game and making them chase you?  Of course.  Are you really a game-playing person at heart?  No- acknowledging that is hard, but necessary.  And of course I have the friend who focuses on all the negatives of an ex to be the con list to your pro list.  While you try to make certain things seem better than they are, they’ll try to point out that really they aren’t that great.  And the day you can’t disagree with this friend is the day you know you’re done.

After all of these things found a way to weigh in on my feelings, I finally made a choice.  I ended things, explained briefly why, and then said he wouldn’t hear from me again.  I’m not immediately going to find someone else (being a teacher is a huge obstacle to this), but I don’t want to hang on any longer to something that isn’t really there.  It was hard, and I still feel disappointed, but as soon as the text message was sent, I felt better.  It was a very “me” thing to do, and honestly, I’m really at my best when playing myself ❤

July 22, 2012

Bachelorette Live React

This is the first season of and Bachelor/Bachelorette season I have watched regularly live.  I’m not a huge fan of reality TV, especially dating reality TV, but it’s summer- a time that makes me susceptible to any semi-addictive show while I wait for my beloved prime time TV nights to come back to me in the Fall (is it September yet?!?).  Anyway, The Bachelorette has won me over, especially with the lovely addition of Jef (ahhh Jef <3), and I wanted to commemorate my likely only season of watching with a rundown of my major reactions during the finale.  I feel like there are only 4 possible outcomes for tonight, and I have listed them in order of my preference below.

First Choice: Happy ending with Jef.  Team Jef FTW.

Second Choice: Happy ending with Arie. BOO- But I will take this over third and fourth choices.

Third Choice: Picking either guy and having it not work out by “After the Final Rose.”

Fourth Choice: Not picking either guy.  WTF.  If this happens, I can’t be responsible for the language at the end of my blog post.

Alright, it is officially time to start The Bachelorette.  Grab a drink, grab a pillow, and enjoy “the most dramatic event of the summer” (according to Chris Harrison).  I’ll update during each commercial break : )

7:03: Nice to mention Colorado tragedy Chris, even if this was like the one moment I stopped thinking about the horrible event this weekend : /  But I appreciate him encouraging everyone to work to make their community safer.

7:05: I like her maroon dress and how she dressed it up with a giant gold necklace.

7:06: Good job bringing flowers Jef.  Points for you!  Stay strong against the mom- she might trap you with her questions!  He’s saying all the right things, but he seems nervous : (

7:10: Oh  noes.  Brother seems tough…despite being named Ernie.

7:11: Is every family member going to talk to him separately?  I think it would be hilarious if the future sister in law took him aside for an intense interrogation.

*Commercial Break*

7:17: Brighter outfit for Arie- I like the romantic one from Jef’s visit better, but it works for the whole beachy scene.

7:18: Uhhhh, why are you talking about fishing Arie? UH OH.  He brought out the Bachelorette roses! Watch out Jef.

7:20: Does anyone else think Emily’s mom has WAY too much eye make-up on?  Wait- did she even ask Arie questions?

7:21: Good job Ernie- dig into Arie!  Oh great, now Ernie is falling for both guys, too.

7:23: Arie seems young and child-like to me.  Jef can be fun like that, too, but he can be serious in a way Arie can’t.  Oh look, they are making out AGAIN.

*Commercial Break*

7:29: How are they not sure Jef is the “black and white” answer?

7:31: We’re already talking about not getting engaged? Sigh. These doubts seem to be coming earlier in the show than expected.

7:33: WHAT?  Is this serious drama really going to come up next?  What is going to happen in the next hour and a half?  Maybe we’ll see them get to know each other more (with Ricky) over time after this island trip and she’ll make the choice later.

*Commercial Break*

7:37: Oooo I spot one guy in the studio audience.  YES MORE CHEERS FOR JEF!

7:38: Aww, Ricky’s cute.

7:39: I like that Jef realizes how important it is to meet Ricky before the proposal- and tries to stress that.  It’s a big step for him to become a dad, too.  It’s not just about who Emily wants to add in her and Ricky’s life.  I think all three need to feel that good fit.

7:42: I love that Jef just challenged her and asked her to put herself in his shoes.  I would want to date someone who challenges me like that.  Yay, she agreed to introduce them!

7:44: I love how excited Jef looks to meet Ricky.  He looks more excited than when he got to see Emily for their date 5 minutes ago : )

7:45: Ohhhh, that’s why she kept Ricky from the guys so long.  It’s partly to protect her daughter, but mostly because if it doesn’t go well, it would end the relationship (like she just said).

*Commercial Break*

7:50: You should be nervous Jef. Kids can be tough.

7:51: Just give her time Jef.  Once kids start talking to you- they won’t stop.  Trust me.

7:54: So happy this meet and greet is going well.  I like when Emily said she could picture everything : )

7:55: I think it speaks a lot to Jef’s character that his favorite part was just talking on the steps.

*Commercial Break*

8:01: Ricky wants Jef back- always a good sign.

8:03: I love that he makes her laugh a lot, even in romantic moments.  They don’t have to be making out the whole time to have a connection.

8:05: Oh thank god it’s not just a book.  I was like…this doesn’t seem like a Jef present- oh wait.  Hahaha.

8:06: “Don’t do too much thinking.” Agreed.  I love that she keeps calling him “honey,” too.  Did anyone else pick up on that?

*Commercial Break*

8:11: Uhhh, I don’t care what these ladies think.  Moving on.  “I hope she chooses Arie..” (Me: WHAT????) “…so the rest of America can have Jef.” (Me: Ok lady.  I forgive you for the beginning of that sentence.)

8:14: What are you confused about Emily? WAIT YOU PICKED JEF????? YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY!

8:15: I can’t even focus on her words right now because I am so DAMN excited.  I am happy that she’s not even going through with the date.  If you know, you know.  Don’t give yourself more time to get torn again.

*Commercial Break*

8:22: Okay we got to get through the tears to get to Jef again.  Hang in there people! Poor Arie- Dead man walking.

8:23: No it’s not your last date….oh god.  You won’t meet Ricky.  You’re not getting engaged.  WHY WOULD THEY SHOW US THIS?  It’s so awkward as a viewer.

8:24: Spoiler: The love potion isn’t going to work.  And when she expresses her feelings you won’t feel amazing.

8:25: I want to hug Emily through the TV right now.  You can do this.  It will be good soon.  Just have to get through one last harsh goodbye.

8:26: It’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from O_o

8:27: Oh no.  He’s figuring this out.  Just go Emily.  Break his heart and leave.  You can’t accomplish anything else by sitting there crying in front of him.

8:30: Just let Arie go!  There’s nothing else to say.  Jef will be waiting for you!  Don’t forget the light at the end of the tunnel.

8:33: Joint crying shots- a Bachelorette staple.

*Commercial Break*

8:41: Why are we delaying the Emily/Jef reunion?? And I’m pretty sure the girl in white has fake boobs.  Just FYI.

8:44: We are going to another commercial? LAME.

*Commercial Break*

8:47: Oh good we’re on to Jef Day.

8:48: I like the look-back montage.  Jef is going to be so happy : D

8:49: OOOOO Sparkly *_* Does ABC pay for these rings?  They look a bit pricey.

8:50: I wish I could also hug Jef and tell him it will be okay.  Arie’s already gone dude.  You got this.

8:52: She’s not going to be able to do what if he proposes?  Say yes?  I think they’re just adding unnecessary drama at this point.

*Commercial Break*

8:57: Stop talking Chris.  Let’s just do this.

8:59: I feel like he should have come in on a skateboard again, haha.

9:01: I feel like he should have been more excited that Arie wasn’t even there today, but I guess he’s just nervous.

9:02: I love Jef’s speech ❤

9:03: Oh god, I might cry now.  SHE SAID YES!  I’m so excited now for my own proposal someday : D

9:05: Ooo I like the 80’s song.  If this doesn’t work out in the long run I will be so sad.

9:06: I love that Ricky ran in and that they are walking all hand in hand- and now in slow motion!

9:08: Does anyone else think Emily would look good with shoulder-length hair?

9:09: I would rather have the ring than tape around my finger…even if the person means more.  Just sayin’.

*Commercial Break*

9:16: I’m glad Arie is being mature and not pissed off like Chris was when she kicked him off.

9:18: I don’t really care too much about this Arie segment…but I agree with Arie.  Telling him what she told Chris would have been helpful.

9:21: He flew to Charlotte?!?! Wow.  Did she read the journal?  It looks unopened.

*Commercial Break*

9:27: Yeah, I’m glad she didn’t read it.  That would have been weird.  I do get him wanting more closure.  When you care about someone, you want to give that last ditch effort to know you did everything you could to be with them.

9:29: Can we please get past this awkwardness?  They already talked about this on the phone…and now we’re having to rehash it on live TV.

9:30: If I was Arie, I couldn’t be friends with Jef anymore.  I wouldn’t hate him or anything, but I feel like I wouldn’t get over the relationship still knowing details about the person.

*Commercial Break*

9:38: “I dated a lot of his friends” hahahahaha.

9:39: I like that they still joke a lot : ) Love the family vacation pics!

9:40: I kind of want Ricky in my class now.  She sounds awesome.

*Commercial Break*

9:46: Oh look.  Let’s watch the proposal we just saw 45 minutes ago…and add this little box in the corner to show their non-reactions.

9:50: I like that she took a few seconds to say yes.  It made it more meaningful when she did say it instead of just saying it quickly while caught up in the moment.

9:52: Where did this Dolphin PSA come from???

*Commercial Break*

9:55: Awww, they are gonna be a humanitarian couple ❤

9:56: I’m glad Ricky gets to stay with her family while they build their relationship.  And I’m happy they aren’t moving in together right away. It gives them time to grow a bit first : )

9:58: I will NOT be watching Bachelor Pad.  That show looks awful…

Final Thoughts: Thanks to Katie for getting me into this show so I could be this excited about Jef and Emily in the finale. Thank you Emily for being a smart person and realizing Jef is the one for you.  And also thank you Emily, for explaining you are with Jef because he brings out the best in you and makes you feel confident.  I feel like all girls and women, including myself, need to remember to hold out for someone like that ❤

Hope you guys enjoyed this live blog.  I had a lot of fun keeping it up throughout the show.  Have a great week!

July 10, 2012

Confessions of a (Delayed) Shopaholic

Around the time I turned 24 (about 4 months ago), the Earth must have drastically shifted.  I can’t scientifically prove this, but I feel like this is the only explanation for suddenly wanting to try out new hairstyles, buy a whole new wardrobe, read every fashion magazine available, experiment with new make-up, and attempt painting my nails…these are all very non-Kelly things.  I was always more of a DVD/Video Game/Book buyer.  I had never owned a curling iron in my life.  I couldn’t put my hair in a ponytail until I was in high school (true story).  My nails were never painted unless my mom did them on a whim.  My entire make-up collection could fit in one, pint-sized bag.  And for most of my life, my entire wardrobe came from Old Navy or Kohls.  But yeah, 24 hits and that life is over.  I think this picture sums up the transition best-

Since I have the summer off, I decided to really let myself indulge in all these girly things I’d been avoiding.  To start, I began putting together a book of outfits and products I liked by cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them into a leather bound sketch book.  This book quickly evolved and now includes fun quotes, celebrities I adore, workout suggestions, recipes, hosting tips, ways to decorate your living space, etc.  I call it my LifeSTYLE book because it basically communicates how I’d like to style my life, not just my outfits ; )  You can see the pages I’ve completed so far here in the Facebook album I’ve started.  It’s like a physical Pinterest, but I miss out on the sharing aspect Pinterest offers.  I figured this was an easy way to make up for that.

As I continue to work on the book, it is starting to come to life.  I’ve bought a lot of the products, tried almost all of the recipes, and even started putting together outfits based on the ones I like.  Here’s a good example:

My outfit inspiration.

Switched the colors, but made it work.

Closer look at belt.

FYI- Shirt (Belk $12), Shorts (Old Navy $17.50), Belt (Target $12.50)

I also saw picture after picture of the highlight nail trend and with my miniscule collection of colors, tried it out myself.  I really like that it adds a funky, youthful vibe and is this small reminder I see every day to try something new.

Trying the highlight nail look

FYI- Purple is “Watch Your Language” by Spoiled and Red is “Color to Diner For” by OPI

Today I decided to take the leap with my hair and try my luck with a curling iron.  I did my hair in three separate layers, but sporadically grabbed random chunks beyond that.  After curling for a good 20 minutes, I sprayed my head with a flexible hold spray from Garnier.  I liked the way it turned out, but I might use more products next time to get it to hold better.  My hair is pretty thick and heavy, so 2 hours later it just looked really wavy and had lost a lot of the curl at the bottom.

First curling iron try

Since I spent all this time curling, I figured I’d play with my hair a bit more.  I tried to make the soft curls look a little more girly by pinning back my hair around my forehead.  I feel like my hair framed my face better after this:

Pinned back after curling

Finally, I tried to add a braid of my own hair as a hairband after watching this YouTube video.  I had a really hard time pinning it down on the opposite side of my head because my hair was so smooth, but perhaps I will figure that out later.  I was happy to get it nice enough to take some pictures:

Braid as a hairband.

Closer look at the side.

I hope you all are having a fun summer.  I’ll likely update more about my fashionista journey and the many mishaps I have along the way (WHY won’t the curls just stay???).  That should provide some humor for you ; )