Confessions of a (Delayed) Shopaholic

Around the time I turned 24 (about 4 months ago), the Earth must have drastically shifted.  I can’t scientifically prove this, but I feel like this is the only explanation for suddenly wanting to try out new hairstyles, buy a whole new wardrobe, read every fashion magazine available, experiment with new make-up, and attempt painting my nails…these are all very non-Kelly things.  I was always more of a DVD/Video Game/Book buyer.  I had never owned a curling iron in my life.  I couldn’t put my hair in a ponytail until I was in high school (true story).  My nails were never painted unless my mom did them on a whim.  My entire make-up collection could fit in one, pint-sized bag.  And for most of my life, my entire wardrobe came from Old Navy or Kohls.  But yeah, 24 hits and that life is over.  I think this picture sums up the transition best-

Since I have the summer off, I decided to really let myself indulge in all these girly things I’d been avoiding.  To start, I began putting together a book of outfits and products I liked by cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them into a leather bound sketch book.  This book quickly evolved and now includes fun quotes, celebrities I adore, workout suggestions, recipes, hosting tips, ways to decorate your living space, etc.  I call it my LifeSTYLE book because it basically communicates how I’d like to style my life, not just my outfits ; )  You can see the pages I’ve completed so far here in the Facebook album I’ve started.  It’s like a physical Pinterest, but I miss out on the sharing aspect Pinterest offers.  I figured this was an easy way to make up for that.

As I continue to work on the book, it is starting to come to life.  I’ve bought a lot of the products, tried almost all of the recipes, and even started putting together outfits based on the ones I like.  Here’s a good example:

My outfit inspiration.

Switched the colors, but made it work.

Closer look at belt.

FYI- Shirt (Belk $12), Shorts (Old Navy $17.50), Belt (Target $12.50)

I also saw picture after picture of the highlight nail trend and with my miniscule collection of colors, tried it out myself.  I really like that it adds a funky, youthful vibe and is this small reminder I see every day to try something new.

Trying the highlight nail look

FYI- Purple is “Watch Your Language” by Spoiled and Red is “Color to Diner For” by OPI

Today I decided to take the leap with my hair and try my luck with a curling iron.  I did my hair in three separate layers, but sporadically grabbed random chunks beyond that.  After curling for a good 20 minutes, I sprayed my head with a flexible hold spray from Garnier.  I liked the way it turned out, but I might use more products next time to get it to hold better.  My hair is pretty thick and heavy, so 2 hours later it just looked really wavy and had lost a lot of the curl at the bottom.

First curling iron try

Since I spent all this time curling, I figured I’d play with my hair a bit more.  I tried to make the soft curls look a little more girly by pinning back my hair around my forehead.  I feel like my hair framed my face better after this:

Pinned back after curling

Finally, I tried to add a braid of my own hair as a hairband after watching this YouTube video.  I had a really hard time pinning it down on the opposite side of my head because my hair was so smooth, but perhaps I will figure that out later.  I was happy to get it nice enough to take some pictures:

Braid as a hairband.

Closer look at the side.

I hope you all are having a fun summer.  I’ll likely update more about my fashionista journey and the many mishaps I have along the way (WHY won’t the curls just stay???).  That should provide some humor for you ; )


One Comment to “Confessions of a (Delayed) Shopaholic”

  1. You crack me up. 🙂 I love the cat pic! I still don’t get the nail polish thing. I don’t do anything I don’t understand…which is why I’m boring. *LOL* Summer’s the perfect time to do all this…when you have time and aren’t worn out with lesson plans, grading, etc. Enjoy! 😀

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