20 Movies to Look Foward to Before 2012 Ends: Part 1

Summer blockbuster season is over, but don’t let that get you down.  I went through all the upcoming movies through the rest of 2012 to pick out 20 that I think are worth checking out (they’re listed in order of release date).  These movies show off an eclectic taste, so I’m sure there are at least a few that will peak your interest ; )  I embedded all the trailers for you to judge the movies for yourself.  I’ll do the first ten on my list today, and the next ten tomorrow.  Enjoy!

August 3rd

Celeste and Jesse Forever: What’s not to like about Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones?  This movie is about a couple who is in the process of getting divorced, but tries to maintain a close friendship anyway.  They inevitably find themselves jealous and unsure about their decision to get divorced as they meet new people.  I think this looks funny and relatable, and as I already mentioned, I love the leads.

August 15th

The Odd Life of Timothy Green: This is a slightly odd premise for a family-friendly film- a couple who can’t conceive a child writes down everything they would want their child to be, buries these notes in a box, and a child magically appears in place of the box.  I’m worried there will be a sad ending about the child having to leave the couple at the end of the movie, but who knows?  Jennifer Garner seems very endearing as the mom, so I might give it a shot despite the obvious warning signs of a tearjerker ending.

September 14th

Finding Nemo 3D: This movie was absolutely majestic in 2D, so I can’t imagine how good it will be in 3D.  This is definitely one I will promote to my class since they were newborns when it first came out.  Even if your kids have seen it on DVD, I would suggest letting them experience it in theaters come September.  But if you’re enough of a fan, you won’t need me to convince you ; )

The Perks of Being a Wallflower:  I haven’t read the book this movie is based on, but most speak very highly of it.  A lonely high school boy makes friends with two misfit seniors while trying to deal with his dark past.  It looks like a pretty quirky coming of age story, and I’m excited to see Emma Watson play someone outside of Hermione (plus if you see in the beginning of the trailer, Nina Dobrev is in the movie, too!).

September 28th

Looper: I heard Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in this, but when I watched the trailer I thought- oh, I guess I heard wrong.  Then I realized he plays the main guy you see in nearly every shot of the trailer.  He just has had some great make-up done to make him look like a young Bruce Willis.  Make-up artists, I salute you.  Looper is about a group of assassins that travel back in time to take out their victims.  When a looper realizes he himself is being hunted, he has to figure out a way to survive as his present and future self collide in the same time period.  Sounds exciting-bordering on confusing-but any movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt is worth looking into.

Hotel Transylvania: There are several animated movies on this list I’m excited about- this one comes out first.  An overprotective vampire father builds a hotel for monsters to keep his daughter safe from people.  His plan works well until his daughter gets rebellious just as a teenage boy stumbles upon the hotel.  As expected, chaos ensues.  I laughed a lot during the trailer- I think the characters are hilarious.  Hopefully the whole movie is just as good.

Won’t Back Down: This is my *favorite* of this whole list- and yes, I may be a bit biased because I’m a teacher.  Two mothers (one is a teacher) from a low-income neighborhood work together to transform their school into a place where all students can succeed.  I love that this is about the parents taking action, and not just teachers.  Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis play the moms, so you know this is going to be awesome.

October 5th

Pitch Perfect: Ok, yes.  This looks like it will have the cinematic value of say The House Bunny or Dodgeball, but hey.  It could be funny, too.  It’s about a college girl who gets roped into joining an all-girl acapella group.  She helps them update their boring set lists, and in exchange I’m sure they help her become a “better person” or whatever.  I think the highlight will be Rebel Wilson (from Bridesmaids), who has every snappy one-liner in this trailer.

October 26

Cloud Atlas: This movie is so epic it needs a five minute long trailer.  I can’t begin to explain what it is about, but I’m intrigued overall by the theme of past and future selves intertwining with the same people and events.  There’s a huge list of stars in the film, most notably Halle Berry and Tom Hanks, and it already has a 2 hour and 44 minute run time.  I hope it lives up to the hype.

November 2nd

Wreck-It Ralph: Gamers are going to love this movie!  A video game villain decides he wants to be the good guy for a change, and starts jumping into other games to try out his new lifestyle.  A lot of memorable video game characters will make appearances throughout the film, as you can already see in the support group scene in the trailer.  I’m sure the numerous promos during the Olympics coverage have already got you pumped for this one.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post for the second half of this list!


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