10 Reactions to The Hobbit

Today I finally saw The Hobbit.  Most of my friends and family know I am a huge Lord of the Rings Fan- I read each of those books in middle and high school before each movie release : )  But The Hobbit?  I kind of skipped over that book and never went back to it.  Fortunately, Peter Jackson couldn’t help himself and ended up returning to the franchise to make a film for this shorter prequel.  I bought the book a couple of months ago and slowly made my way through the first six chapters (the part I was told the movie covers).  Then I ventured out today to the theater with my brother in law, Dan.  Here are my 10 most important reactions to the movie.

1. Dan asked me after the movie was over “So, what did you think?”  One of the first things I said was “I’m pretty sure that crazy rabbit man was not in the book.”  Hahaha.  Was anyone else REALLY concerned that those wolf things would devour the rabbits???  During that entire chase scene I was like PLEASE DON’T KILL THE BUNNIES!!!!  I also am not entirely sure how Radagast planned on leading the orcs away because it seemed like he kept going closer to the group…..


2. Kili is easily the most attractive dwarf.  By like a billion attractive point difference.  All the other dwarves are silly, wise, and homely, and then Kili walks in and you’re like…how are you related to any of these other people???  I think we will secretly discover that he’s Aragorn’s brother in a lost appendix.


3. I really enjoyed the sad and dark dwarf hymn at the beginning (you know….the one that is mostly humming that they sing before leaving Bilbo’s house).  I can not tell you a single word of it, but I’ve been humming it dramatically the whole day.  I also liked the little musical nods to the Lord of the Rings score : )

4. I had a strong urge to throw things at the screen when Saruman showed up.  I didn’t know he was in the movie and I was like EEEEEEVVVVIIIIIILLLLLL!!!!  the entire time he was talking.  When Galadriel and Ganadalf had their own little convo in their heads and completely ignored him, I said a silent Yessssss! in my head.  No one cares about you Saruman.  Go away.


5. Elrond came off super wimpy in this installment.  Besides being able to read weird moon writing, he was pretty much useless and had to call in people with longer hair to manage his affairs.  Apparently without Arwen to boss around or a king to scold for not destroying rings, he just hangs around and hunts stray orcs.  YAWN.


6. Did anybody else’s heart completely warm when they saw Frodo in his opening LOTR outfit?  I all but hugged myself in the theater- so happy to see what felt like “deleted scenes” from Fellowship.  I mean, now we know all kinds of things like who *really* put up the No Admittance sign!  It was all very revealing.

frodo hobbit

I painted the shot of him reading by the tree when Gandalf comes so when he runs off in the beginning I was like “He’s going to be in my painting!!!”

Frodo Painting

The painting I made based off the Fellowship of the Ring shot.

7. As soon as Balin was pointed out, I immediately was like “Awwwww, you’re dead now….WAIT, who is watching Moria????”

8. I highly enjoyed Bilbo’s comment to Gandalf about Radagast “Is he a very great wizard, or is he more like you?”  I kind of have that thought sometimes like what CAN you actually do Gandalf?  I mean besides a brief blinding light, breaking a rock, starting pine cone fires, and whispering to butterflies, he doesn’t really do much except ponder things in this movie.  Even in LOTR he doesn’t seem to have any big magical powers- just bravery and wisdom.


9. I know this movie is supposed to be about Bilbo, but I think we can all agree, at least for this first installment, that Gollum totally stole the show.  He had all the best snarky lines in the film, was in the scene that felt most true to the book, and was the strongest tie to the Lord of the Rings films for fans like me.  Good job Andy Serkis.

10. And finally, just to drop some knowledge on you, the elf king who totally ditches the dwarves….


is none other than Ned from Pushing Daisies:


I know.  MIND BLOWN.

Let me know what you thought of the movie.  I know almost everyone has seen it by now!


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