Can YOU beat Table 7?

Last night I got to attend Bishop Kelley’s annual Trivia Night fundraiser with a bunch of my fellow teachers.  I went last year and had a blast, so I was excited to return for a second time.  The event is run in two separate gyms of the school- the large “serious player” gym and the small “loud player” gym.  Last year we had a back table in the small gym, and this year we were put in the quieter gym called “Material World” (yay Madonna!) after their 80’s theme this year.

Material World Trivia Night

One of the alumni walking around working the event had on a Kellly Kapowski shirt from Saved By The Bell.  I complimented her (because I love that show!) and she told me she bought the shirt two hours before the event and had no clue who was on it…..REALLY????

Kelly Kapowski Shirt

This was the design on her shirt.

The people working the event were supposed to be the graduating class from 1988, so I figured they would know this even better than me (Quick note:  When they announced this was the class of 1988’s year to run the event, I shouted “That’s the year I was born!” which was immediately met with eye rolling and groans from my whole table- I have so much payback coming my way in a couple decades, haha).

They had 120 tables split in two gyms- it was packed!

They had 120 tables split in two gyms- it was packed!

Each gym gets the same questions over six rounds with 12 questions each.  They go through the questions and give you about two minutes to answer them, with an extra few minutes at the end to go back and write down any other answers you needed more time to debate over.  Every round has a title, but this has no bearing on the questions.  The questions range from history to politics to pop culture to business.  You’ll see in the questions below that pretty much every topic is covered.  We ended up getting 42 out of 72 correct, which landed us in the top 30-40% of the table groups (as you can see there were a LOT of people competing).

I wanted to post some of the questions to test your own trivia skills.  We were given the same pictures for the ones that have an accompanying photo.  I’ve posted the answers at the bottom of this post.

1. What ship was the first and only ship to come to the RMS Titanic’s aid when it sank?

2. What was this structure called in New Hampshire before it collapsed?

new hampshire

3. What did Lego call the sets it marketed specifically for girls in 2012?

4. What movie won Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Writing in 1988?

5. What object represents a threat or death in all three of The Godfather films?

6. What airport boasts having the longest runway in North America?

7. What is 100 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit degrees?

8. What was the “Friends” spinoff from 2004 called?

9. Who is the oldest living person to win Best Actor (not actress!)?

10. Who wrote the poetic verse “Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me?”

11. What Korean singer came up with the popular 2012 hit, “Gangnam Style?”

12. Who designed this past year’s US Olympic team uniforms?

olympic team uniforms

13. Which state joined the union right after Oklahoma?

14.  What does the blue logo represent?


15.  What city and team was Kobe Bryant originally drafted to in 1996 before being traded for Vlade Divoc?

Between rounds they would do little mini-games for door prizes, like which lady had the most lip products in her purse (the lady who won had 18!) and who was the youngest player in the room (a 21-year-old beat me out for this).  That helped pass the time while they tallied all the scores.  They also had these giant 1 and 2 balloons they would put on the tables who were in the lead.  We never got the balloons, but at least we were in the top half of the scores throughout the night : )

One thing that I find hilarious is that the tables always build beer can towers from their leftover cans (keep in mind- this is a Catholic high school).  Only a few tables participated in our “serious gym,” but when I went to the other side to check out the architecture, it was pretty epic.  These people swung string over the poles in the ceiling to keep their towers up.  I took a picture of one of the highest ones right in front of a giant cross, haha:

Beer Can Tower Trivia Night

I am so glad Bishop Kelley does this fundraiser every year.  It’s a lot of fun for the guests, and they must make a huge profit off of it.  Tables for ten are $200 (so each person only pays $20), and they sell snack items and drinks for $1-3 throughout the night.  Another big moneymaker for them is the 50/50 pot.  Tickets for this are sold for a dollar with no limit on how many you purchase.  They put all the proceeds in a pot, and split it 50/50 with the winning ticket.  Last night I know the winner went home with over $2,000.  I didn’t buy a ticket, but I’m starting to think I should have!

If you are interested in attending Trivia Night at Bishop Kelley next year, it will be on Saturday, January 25th.  If I’m still in Tulsa, I know I will be there.  Check out the school’s website for more details and contact information.  Tickets go on sale early, and this year sold out in less than a day!  Make sure you get on their mailing list ASAP!

And now for the answers to the trivia questions listed above.  The seven in bold are the ones we got right:

1. RMS Carpathia   2. The Old Man in the Mountain   3. Lego Friends    4. Rain Man   5. An Orange    6. Denver   7. 212 Degrees   8. Joey     9. Sidney Poitier   10. Emily Dickinson   11. Psy    12. Stella McCartney    13. New Mexico    14. Decepticons   15. Charlotte Hornets

P.S. I finally tried out the Forever 21 jacket/shirt I mentioned I hadn’t worn yet in this post.  It went well with skinny jeans and black heels, and I got a few compliments on it.  Success!

Finally sporting some peplum!

Finally sporting some peplum!


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  1. I was all about this post and then I got to the questions and was totally confused – I was expecting them to be about the 80s, haha! sounds like a great time regardless!

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