Glee’s Sadie Hawkins Episode- Most Awkward One Yet?

To me, Glee has been going WAY down hill since the first season. This fourth and most current season has definitely been the worst. I think they have transitioned the new and old characters okay, but the plot lines are pretty bad and not very genuine. I mean, has anyone really DEALT with the fact that Marley fainted from an eating disorder? Nope. All the characters just blamed her for their loss at the competition. If you are a TV show taking on an eating disorder plot line, you need to see it through and not make the character with the disorder even more of an outcast. It doesn’t really make sense.

Anyway, this Sadie Hawkins episode which aired last Thursday had so many awkward moments where I was literally cringing that I had to share my top five. In no particular order…

1. The Creepy “Baby Got Back” Performance

It took me about 30 seconds to realize this show choir group was singing “Baby Got Back.” In the beginning, I thought it was kind of amusing how they made it sound like a ballad, but I kept waiting for them to lose it and sing it in its pure form (or even go back and forth). Nope. It stayed a ballad the whole time. And it was weird. Unlike Kurt, I think this would convince me NOT to join the creepy college kids in their song change-ups. I’m kind of scared to see what this group will perform next if they are featured in upcoming episodes.

2. Rachel’s Random Outburst

Rachel waits for Brody

Rachel waits for Brody

I was kind of put off by Rachel’s whole “seize the moment” thing with Brody. It so obviously screams DANGER AHEAD to me when she’s saying she’s in love with him. Didn’t they just (sort of) get together in the winter finale? I figured this would come to a screeching halt in a later episode, but I was taken aback at the scene where Brody arrives 45 minutes late and Rachel throws a hissy fit. I have definitely dealt with late boyfriends before. If it happens over and over again, that’s one thing. But it’s the first time AND he shows up with flowers? That seems a little extreme. Plus she started throwing away food! I would have just gone ahead and eaten my half while I was waiting.

I might have been able to get past this when Brody fed her all those cheesy lines. This made me dislike the pair even more. He did seem like a liar with how thick he was laying on the charm. But Rachel eats it up, and instead of just accepting his apology, she asks him to move in. SERIOUSLY?!?! I don’t get it.

3. Tina Asking Blaine to the Sadie Hawkins Dance

Blaine's Reaction

Blaine’s Reaction- also love Marley’s face!

OMG AWKWARD. I was like….wait, is she serious? I can understand liking a guy who may or may not be gay. But a guy who is openly gay AND who has dated one of your friends? This makes no sense. I feel like Tina from past episodes would never do something that stupid. Even if she did develop a crush, she’d be smart enough not to announce it publicly. Jeez. I felt so bad for Blaine in that awkward 10 seconds after she popped the question, and I was kind of glad he said no. She kind of deserved it after making bad life choices. Get it together woman! Didn’t we cover this already with the Mercedes/Kurt love story in season one?

4. Tina and Blaine STILL Hung Up on the Wrong People

Tina and Blaine

I started to feel much better about the Tina/Blaine situation after they said their peace in the hallway and agreed to go to the dance as friends. I was like, okay- at least this is a one episode plot line and we are moving on. JUST KIDDING. By the end, Tina still thought she had a future for Blaine and called him perfect, and Blaine looked on longingly at Sam and Brittany while they danced a few feet away at the end. Apparently this warped, no happy ending in sight, doomed to fail love triangle will continue to plague the show as the writers give up trying.

5. What Ryder does at the 1:06 mark

Yeah, I don’t think I need to explain this one. This was my favorite song from the episode, though.

As if these awkward moments weren’t enough, here’s what we have to look forward to in the next episode (yes, those are pumpkin bottoms):

Glee Calendar Shoot

Take note of the bunny on the left, too.


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