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January 25, 2013

Winter Break Haul: SHOES!

Okay so I don’t know if three pairs of shoes is considered a “haul,” but it might be the most amount of pairs I’ve gotten in one shopping spree.  First I stopped at Payless with my mom.  I always can count on Payless to have practical shoes that actually *fit* my foot.  I, Kelly Schrumpf, have wide feet.  There.  I admitted it.  This condition makes it difficult to find shoes anywhere, and I usually feel like everyone else but Cinderella as I go through pair after pair, never able to fit my feet into shoes.  Payless has been a savior to me in this area because about 30% of their shoes are in wide widths.  It’s not uncommon for me to tell the sales person when I check out how thankful I am to have a haven where my wide feet are accepted and accommodated : )

I have some great black flats from American Eagle that have been very dependable as I wear them day after day to work.  However, the lining is starting to wear off on my feet throughout the day because they are getting old.  I even had bought a back-up pair of these, and recently have worn them down, too.  I was hoping to find similar flats and was lucky that American Eagle had created these for Payless:

American Eagle Black Flats

These look pretty close to my old ones, but the knot at the top is a slightly different detail.  I’ve worn them several times, and since they are a wide size, my feet aren’t killing me at the end of the day.  They also have this cloth lining that prevents the disintegration problem that happened with my old shoes.  Unfortunately, after the *first* time I wore these, the right foot cloth lining started to pull down from the toe : (  This didn’t happen on the other shoe and I try to just flatten it back into shape when I wear them.  This was a little disappointing to happen so early, but they are fine besides that.  I don’t even notice it after a few minutes of wearing them.  Just be careful if you buy them to see if that fabric lining has started to pull at all.

Lower East Side Nude Flats

I also grabbed these Lower East Side flats because I only own different variations of black flats.  I figured I could use these nude ones when I am not wearing any black or want a slightly fancier look (they have that glossy shine that brings them up a notch from basic flats).  They are a little stiff and gave me a blister on my heel when I first wore them.  I would recommend breaking them in a bit by wearing them with socks around the house, or putting a secure band-aid on your heel the first few times you wear them out.

Dress Barn Black and Gray Faux Suede Boots

After Payless, I was lucky enough to go to Dress Barn and find these boots.  I initially went to Dress Barn to look for slacks for work.  They actually have a great selection for all sizes that fit comfortably (so many places sell slacks that are tight around the top and then have really loose and long pant legs- or maybe my body shape is just weird).  I decided to just glance at the shoes on my way to checking out and found these black and gray boots.  Now, you need to know that it is impossible for me to find boots.  Boots require getting around your foot AND your calf, and with my already wide feet problems, this gets a bit ridiculous.  I really liked these faux suede boots, though, and decided to try them on for fun.  I’ve been wanting boots with a slouchy top, but have never found any that fit right.  I was really lucky that these fit near perfectly.

They were a bit on the expensive side ($60 then, now they are only $29.99- you can buy them here), but my mom took pity on my never-ending boot quest and bought them for me.  I am so grateful for this because I have been able to wear these a lot to school with my sweater dresses and black leggings.  I have learned to wear double layers of socks, though, to add some extra padding.  My soles hurt a bit by the end of the first day I wore them with only one pair of socks.  I’m glad this was an easy fix.  I love my new boots!

Note: This is part three of my Winter Break Haul series.  You can also read about my Ulta Haul and my Forever 21 Haul posted earlier.

January 23, 2013

Winter Break Haul: Forever 21

When I was younger, I NEVER shopped at Forever 21. I remember going there once a really long time ago and getting a pair of gray pants. I wore those things until one day (not because of how they fit), the zipper and clasp just fell off. I was like…uhhhhh. This didn’t even happen while they were on! I had been warned about Forever 21 clothes’ early expiration date, but this was pretty crazy. It wasn’t until I started watching a bunch of YouTube beauty gurus and their Forever 21 hauls that I even thought about going into one again. My friend Erin got me a gift card for my birthday last year, and when I went home to Orlando for the summer I stopped by and bought a few things. They didn’t disintegrate (I guess I should say “yet” right about now), so over Winter Break I went back for more. Here’s what I got:

Note: Forever 21 regular sizes are very small for me, so I shop on the lowest end of their Plus Size collection. Unfortunately, they don’t have Plus Sizes at every Forever 21, but the outlet mall store in Orlando does. That’s the only one I’ve ever shopped at. All the items below are from their Plus Size collection in case you are looking for them.

Forever 21 Black Top

I was afraid this shirt would be too tight when I got it, but it actually worked out well. It’s nicely fitted at the top, and then looser around my midsection which is perfect. I am not big into studs on clothing, but I liked the small use of it to add detail to the shoulders. It goes great with dark skinny jeans (I grabbed a pair during this trip- they fit great but I figured since they look like all other dark skinny jeans, they weren’t worth photographing).

Forever 21 Cocktail Dress

I don’t have a lot of occasions to wear cocktail dresses, but I am really going to try to make an effort to put some more fancy events on my social calendar after finding this dress. It has a nice champagne shimmer to it, but its subdued enough that it doesn’t look too metallic. The black band at the waist is stretchy, so I feel like I could gain a couple pounds or lose a couple pounds and the waistband would still stay snug to create a nice a-line at the bottom. I also love the thicker straps so I can wear a bra. I hate spaghetti straps or strapless dresses because if you have a bigger than average chest size, you’re kind of screwed. I think this dress will be great for weddings, and I hope to wear it to a colleague’s one in March (Dear Tulsa weather- please warm up by then!).

Forever 21 Peplum Jacket

This jacket/top was a last minute decision. I have really liked the peplum trend, but haven’t found anything to buy that incorporates it. I saw this jacket on my way to check out and tried it on in the middle of the store. It fits REALLY well. It creates a nice shape for my torso, and can be worn with or without a shirt under it. The white piping and zipper add nice detailing to it. I bought it, but have yet to decide what to wear it with. It was pictured on a model with dark skinny jeans, but Erin also said it looked good with my bright blue jeans, too. It’s also a sporty material, so that’s been a bit of a conundrum to match with other fabrics. I’ll have to think about it some more and try to find looks that incorporate a similar top to get some ideas. I would say this might be the edgiest thing I own, in that it is more trendy than a basic that I can wear with anything.

Forever 21 Owl Necklace

The last thing I got was this owl necklace. I always look through Forever 21’s jewelry because it is so cheap. I went straight to the earrings because they are my go-to jewelry choice, but this owl necklace caught my eye. I really liked that it wasn’t very big or long (I haven’t mastered the whole statement necklace trend yet). I could easily wear this to work with one of the many black tops I have (or with the first top on this page). It’s very cute, and helps me incorporate more gold into my primarily silver jewelry collection.

I spent around $90 total on all five of these things (remember, I didn’t show a picture of my skinny jeans). That sounds like a lot, but cocktail dresses alone could be half that, and jeans usually are $30 or more (I think mine were around $16). Main thing is- I’m happy with my purchases. Let’s just hope they last at least a little longer than those gray pants ; )

January 6, 2013

Winter Break Haul: Ulta Make-Up

Over Winter Break, I kind of went overboard on shopping (thanks mom and dad for the extra sponsorship on this!). I hadn’t gotten much in the way of clothes or make-up since I bought my new car (having a $250ish car payment added a month, as well as an increased insurance payment cuts WAY into my meager teacher’s salary), and my mom felt it was time for me to have a “Treat Yo’ Self” day…er, week…of shopping. I’ll slowly post what I got in little mini updates over the next couple weeks. For my first one, I wanted to share what I got at Ulta during their their after Christmas sales.

Ulta Nail Polish 2

First, I spotted a deal in the center of the store where you got two free Ulta nail polishes with a purchase of a lipstick. I figured they chose what colors you got for free and that they came in tiny sample bottles, but I was happy to be wrong. I got to pick out my own colors in the wide range of full-sized bottle offerings. I finally settled on Femme Fatal, a dark brown with a hint of dark red shimmer, and Plum Perfect, a bright pinkish purple (both polishes are now $3 online). I haven’t tried them out yet, but I’m not too picky about nail polish quality. Being a teacher makes it near impossible to keep nails chip-free for very long anyway.


The lipstick that got me these nail polishes was Good Year For Wine for $8 (now 50% off, but without the nail polish bonus). These wine tints always tend to go well with my complexion, and I am almost completely out of an old lipstick (forgot the brand) called Tropical Punch which is a similar color. The Ulta lipstick is strongly pigmented, but I think it wears off pretty easily by the end of the day. If you’re looking for long-lasting lip color, this might not be the best choice, but it’s fine for a short night out or if you don’t mind re-applying.


I also picked up a Neutrogena skin clearing oil free foundation in Nude for $12.99 (they are currently buy one, get one 50% off online!). I never put foundation all over my face, and usually opt for concealer in select spots of redness on my face. Unfortunately, the latest ones I have used have really made me break out more, so I wanted to go back to the Neutrogena brand. It provides decent coverage without clogging your pores.

Finally, I get jealous of all these people who have the fancy Naked and Naked 2 eyeshadow palettes. I really don’t need a palette that expensive, though, but I was looking for a new set of neutrals. Some of mine are really old and I wanted to change it up. I found this nice set of five colors from Revlon in “Natural Glamor” for $8.99.

Revlon Eyeshadow Natural Glamor

Based on the how-to guide on the back (thank god for these), it seems to give a nice basic look with a slight smokey eye effect.

Revlon Natural Glamor Guide

This is perfect for me. I never use eyeliner or mascara because I am a chronic eye rubber. I’d much prefer using a dark eyeshadow to outline my eyes which tends to smudge less and blend in instead if I rub my eyes.

So, for about $30 I picked up my complete daily look of make-up- foundation, eyeshadow, and lipstick (plus bonus nail polishes!). Ulta is great, but I definitely can’t go there too often or I will buy so much make-up I don’t need. It’s that intoxicating with it’s color palette choices and good deals ; )