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February 4, 2013

Best of Superbowl 2013 Commercials

I gotta be honest.  This year didn’t have an amazing range of commercials, but there were still a few contenders.  Here are my top five favorites (in no particular order):

1. M&Ms: I Would Do Anything For Love

Not only was I excited to see Naya Rivera from Glee, but it was also fun to see the different things the M&M would not do for love, including be part of a cake decoration or be a sleepover snack.  Poor guy.  This commercial came on early, so it stood out better.

2. Doritos: Fashionista Dad

You knew the dad would go all out playing princesses with his daughter, but it was a fun twist to see the group of guy friends join in at the end.

3. Budweiser: Clydesdale

This was the commercial that almost made me cry.  It’s just a simple story of a man and his horse, and their bond over time.  Cute!

4. Kia Sorrento: Babylandia

This answers the question of what is the best answer to “Where do babies come from?”  I want to book some tickets to Babylandia as soon as possible.  It would be about the cutest petting zoo ever.

5. Doritos: Goat for Sale

I didn’t love this commercial at first, but I’ve watched it a few times and I always burst out laughing at the 0:18 mark when the goat screams.

Honorable Mention- Calvin Klein

I don’t even think I need to explain this one.

Which ones were your favorites?  I also liked the Best Buy one with Amy Poehler, the Toyota RAV4 one with Kaley Cuoco, and Psy’s “Crackin” rendition of Gangnam Style for Pistachios (that song is so damn catchy).  These just weren’t able to crack my top five.

You can check out my full blog of the Superbowl here.

February 3, 2013

Live Blogging the Superbowl: From a Non Football Watcher Perspective

Here are my thoughts on the Superbowl as it goes on.  I don’t EVER watch football (this is the first time I had to add “sports” as a category for blog posts), so my commentary may be focused on things like fan fashion, awkward commentators, and of course, the best of the commercials.  I also do not have a preference for who wins.  Look for this to be updated every commercial break.

5:20: Alicia Keys did a good job with the National Anthem.  The Sandy Hook choir was nice, but I don’t know if its appropriate on Superbowl night.  You don’t want to be sad as you stuff your face with chips and dip and watch a bunch of guys create a pile up on the field over and over again.

5:30:  Way to go on calling heads Ravens.  You are already off to an *excellent* start with your coin flipping wisdom.

5:33: There’s only been one play and they are already busting out the yellow highlighter in replays.  Was it really THAT important??

5:38: Nice catch by the Ravens.  I would have totally missed that.

5:40: Another Ravens catch!  And this one resulted in a Touchdown!  Oh, and you got the field goal, too.  Way to go guys.

5:42: Naya Rivera is in love with an M&M!  Love it!  I like all the examples of things the M&M won’t do (don’t lick me!).

5:45:  I think I almost just vomited watching the Go Daddy commercial.  They made it worse by zooming in on the girl and the guy kissing.  Gross!  Is that supposed to be funny?

5:46:  I didn’t love the goats Doritos commercial, but I love how he screamed when the chips were gone, haha.

5:50:  I like the Ravens uniform more, but the 49ers are sporting near *identical* Seminole colors.  I’m torn.

5:51: That catch was awesome by the 49ers!  It was a catch, slam, roll, and then he’s up and jumping.  The U.S. gymnastics team would be impressed.

5:53: That, on the other had, was NOT  good catch.  I like how both 49er players in the end zone just kind of watched the ball fall down.

5:54: At least Akers got 3 points with a good kick.

5:55: Oh Amy Poehler “Will this read 50 Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice?  No.  Will you?”

5:56: I really like the primarily black outfits in the Black Crown commercials.  I kind of want to know who styled the commercial….

5:57: Yay Big Bang Theory!  Haha, Leonard “I think the pads go under the clothes….and the cup.”

6:01: I really appreciate that the clock keeps counting down even when they are just resetting everyone.  Otherwise this could take forever.

6:03: AGAIN.  Ravens are great catchers.  That guy wasn’t even near the ball and came out of nowhere to get it.

6:05:  That Ravens guy just kind of of walked around in a circle with the ball and then was tackled.  You need to throw it dude.  Your team is skilled in catching!

6:07: Wow Kaley Cuoco.  Way to dominate the Superbowl commercials so far.

6:08: So excited for the return of Robin Sparkles on How I Met Your Mother tomorrow!

6:10: Whoa.  Did you see the Ravens guys start pushing around Davis from the 49ers after the play was over?  Those guys were pissed.  This is way too much testosterone in one place.

6:13: What the heck is Jones doing?  He like danced out with the ball.  We get it.  You got the ball.  No need to prance around.

6:14: Love the Doritos commercial this time.  Aww man.

6:14: Okay, loving this Calvin Klein commercial more.  Daaaaaaamn.  I’m not a guy, and I will probably go out and buy that underwear now.

6:15: Cute wolf puppy!  Oh no.  Pissed off the momma wolf.

6:20: Another Ravens catch, but oh no!  Flags are flying everywhere.  I guess it was against the 49ers since the Ravens are super close to the end zone now.

6:21: Touchdown Baltimore!  I feel like the 49ers should go after anyone who might throw the ball.  The Ravens will ALWAYS catch it.

6:23: Uhhhh, the voodoo doll commercial was weird for Bud Light.

6:24: How is CBS really America’s most watched network?  I watch a gazillion shows and only TWO are from CBS.

6:26: Oooo, Star Trek: Into Darkness.  I like the line “I am better.”  “At what?”  “At everything.”  I say the same thing to my class all the time, hahahahaha.

6:27: I always judge the cars in front of me like in the Hyundai commercial.  If any big truck is holding a bunch of logs, I am convinced my life will become a Final Destination movie if I don’t move around it.

6:30: I want to call “Unnecessary Roughness” fouls on kids at my school.  I could use the X hand motions and everything.

6:33: I feel like they are not doing a lot of fan shots.  I want to see their signs, outfits, face paint, and reactions!

6:35: Okay, I can’t blame the Ravens for not catching that one.  That was waaaay too far right of a throw.

6:36: That camera man in the background just went DOWN in that tackle.  Poor guy.  I wonder if they get protective gear.

6:37: I might have slapped the Minnesota guy with the Jamaican accent if he told me to turn my frown upside down.  Wow.

6:38: Awww, a little girl football player.  You go Sam Gordan!

6:41: I am rooting for the guy with the camel in the Coke Chase.

6:42: The Subway Jared has really been around 15 years????

6:44: Oh no.  Another missed pass by the Ravens.  Maybe they are losing their mojo.  And grabbing the helmet? Fouls all around.

6:45: During the whole Taco Bell commercial I was thinking, why is We Are Young playing in Spanish?!?!?!

6:48: WOW.  Such a good touchdown.  I take back my comment about the Ravens losing their mojo.

6:49: Oh!  I saw one smiling fan in front of the goal posts smiling at the camera.  They really need to give the fans some attention.

6:51:  I think they just did that replay so they could play with the rewind/fast forward buttons…

6:52: Oops.  The ref just pointed to defense in the wrong direction.  We all saw that ref.  Don’t try to cover it up by switching your arms quickly.

6:53: Oh good.  The 49ers finally caught something.

6:56: They are playing Dynamite in the background!  That’s my jam!  Oh they just cut it off…  Thanks NFL.

6:57: The 49ers quarterback looks so little compared to everyone else.  Is he right out of college?

6:58: So far Akers is the MVP of the 49ers.  Just sayin’.

6:59: Are these people cheering for the players, or for Beyonce coming out next??

7:04: I like the purple squigglies (yes, that is their official name) they using in these replays to show where people have run.

7:06: Nice detailing on the ends of the commentator desk.  Extreme Home Makeover would be proud.

7:07: THAT was the halftime report?  That was like 5 minutes of guys trying to talk over each other to yell something senseless.

7:08: At least Pepsi showcases their fans.

7:09: OMG FIRE.

7:10: I don’t think anyone struts quite as good as Beyonce.  How did she just sit down like that without falling on her ass???

7:11: Oh Beyonce is laying on a platform of multiple Beyonces.  This lady is going to take over the world.

7:12: Well if anyone was worried about Beyonce dressing more conservatively after being a mom, I think you can relax now.

7:14: Oh no, she’s duplicating herself again.


7:17: I want to grow my hair out like Kelly Rowland’s to have that long hair with bangs look!

7:18: Destiny’s Child has learned how to start fire.  We should be concerned.

7:19: Is Beyonce’s mic louder than both the other girls’ ones??  That seems biased.

7:19:  I love that they are singing Single Ladies!  Ahhhhh!  they are even doing the original choreography!

7:20: I think Beyonce is sitting during Halo because she is EXHAUSTED- not for dramatic effect.

7:24: I think this commercial would be more meaningful if its purpose wasn’t to get people to buy a jeep.

7:26: The blonde girl from 2 Broke Girls had soooo much eye makeup on O_O

7:32: Oh look it’s back for the 3rd quarter.  WAIT.  Somebody just scored a touchdown in the first play?!?!!?

7:33: The 49ers coach is having an “I hate my life” face right now.

7:36:  Here we go.  A bunch of the players are shoving each other again after plays.  Calm down guys!

7:37: Not sure what that little bent knee dance move was by Jones…

7:37: What’s going on with these dark shots of the upper bowl?

7:38: Iron Man sneak peek!  It looked a little like Superman would show up instead.

7:40: Ooooooooo!  Power Outage!  Way to add some drama.  I like how even with half the lights everything is still *completely* visible.

7:44: The power is out?  Okay, let’s all do Yoga.  This is hilarious.

7:46: These commentator guys must be ecstatic to get more screen time.  Too bad they keep cutting away from them to show the yoga class going on with the football players.

7:50: Did anyone just see the really impressive cheerleader throw behind the commentators???

7:54: These players look so bored.  As do the fans they are finally showing.

7:55: They keep saying “Another 15 minutes.”  You said that 15 minutes ago.  I don’t believe you!

7:59: Do we really care about what knocked out the power?  Just play.  I assume it might be all the pyrotechnics used in Beyonce’s half time show anyway.

8:03: Wow.  The power outage gets its own count “up” clock.  This is serious.  In other news, the Ravens coach looks PISSED.

8:06: I think every power outage joke has been said.  Let’s move on.


8:11: Play is finally resuming!  I feel like the cheers should be louder.

8:14: This is officially my most viewed post in a single day.  REALLY?  The one time I, of all people, comment on sports?!?!?

8:17: They got Zoe Saldana for a Bud Light commercial?  Impressive.

8:22: Nothing beats an astronaut…okay.  These commercials are pretty lame this year.

8:22: I will not buy anything that uses Tracy Morgan yelling at me in a commercial.

8:24: FINALLY 49ers.  I was beginning to think you were asleep.

8:25:  This is now the third kick Akers has landed.  Way to go man.

8:27: Oh Psy.  I smiled at your Crack em’ style commercial for Pistachios.

8:31: Ravens screwed that kick up.

8:33: Another touchdown for the 49ers.  If they win, are the Ravens going to blame the power outage and say “It threw off our groove!” like Kuzco from Emperor’s New Groove??

8:37: I almost cried during the Clydesdale commercial.  So I am almost ashamed of myself.

8:41: Just confirmed after hearing a comment earlier that the head coaches are brothers.  Awkward….And this also proves how little I know about what’s going on today.

8:44: Did someone just foul Akers????  You better not be messing with the only player I know on the field!  Oh, he got a redo.  Much better.

8:48:  Jeez.  That Ravens player just got thrown down on the sidelines.

8:50:  Now another Raven player is thrown down by the head.  How is this not a foul?

8:54: FINALLY made it to the 4th quarter.  The 3rd quarter felt…oh…34 minutes too long?

8:59: This farmer commercial is really long.  Oh, wait, it’s not to promote farming.  In the end it’s about a Dodge Ram.

9:01: I just remembered the Coke Chase is going on.  Is that ever going to be resolved????  Still on the guy with a camel’s team.

9:03: I think the game would have been over now had the power outage not occurred.  I really need to take my dog out….

9:05:  WOW.  The 49ers quarterback just pulled a fast one over everyone.  There’s only a 2 point difference now.

9:06: Oh man.  That Sorento commercial is a good contender this year for best Superbowl commercial.  I want to visit Babylandia now and play with all the cute baby animals!

9:14: The only part of the Tide commercial I liked was when they were selling “Stain on a Stick.”  I could totally see this happening.

9:17:  I think when there’s 5 minutes left they should play “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha to warn the players.

9:20: And the 49ers coach just had a huge hissy fit.

9:24: Why do we keep seeing shots of players chewing their mouth guard?  They aren’t teething right?

9:26: Is Flacco seriously making a phone call during the last few minutes of the game?

9:27: Uh oh Ravens.  49ers might also have catching skills.  This is going to be close.

9:30: “I’ve never seen you this excited about something that isn’t food.” Nice Paul Rudd.  The secretary girl in the background was Ashley from Greek!

9:34: Nice defense from the Ravens.  Is that the game?

9:35: Hissy fit #2 from the 49ers coach.  Poor guy.

9:37: I like how that one 49ers guy is laying down in the background for a quiet moment and Gangnem Style comes on in the stadium.

9:40: Why do you need a timeout when you are ahead and there is only 12seconds left??? I really need to take my dog out Ravens!

9:41: I don’t know what a Safety is, but it is wasting more clock time.  4 SECONDS!

9:43: Another time out????????  Are you F-ing serious?

9:45: Game over.  Congrats Baltimore Ravens and  Baltimore Raven fans!

9:45:  Oh!  We got some bromance action between the Ravens coach and owner.

9:46: Ooooooo pretty purple confetti!  I feel like if I was at this game I would be rushing to leave to get out of the parking lot before the mad rush.

9:49: The show girls won the Coke Chase.  That camel guy was robbed!

Alright guys.  Thanks for checking back to this blog throughout the night.  Hopefully I’ve given you some insight on how non-football fans interpret football games : )

January 28, 2013

Downton Abbey React: Season 3 Episode 5

Note: If you have not watched the Downton Abbey episode that aired on Sunday, January 27th in the U.S., please avert your eyes now.  Nothing beyond this past week’s episode is spoiled.

Way before this season started, I accidentally stumbled upon a mountain of Downton Abbey spoilers.  Mixed in the spoiler article  was “Oh yeah, and Sybil died.”  I was frustrated at this because it wasn’t even the main spoiler I was reading about and I had just ruined yet another plot point for myself.  But, I still watch the show every week to see the events leading up to everything.  When my mom started making “I called it” comments about this most recent installment, I figured this would be when Sybil dies.  So, I grabbed some comfort food and pillow and watched the tragedy unfold.

I would like to go on record as feeling pretty neutral about Sybil.  I neither loved nor hated her.  She was just kind of there for me, occasionally doing something important like nursing.  She has really faded out of the show recently after running off with Tom, which has probably added to my indifferent feelings.  None of this means I wanted to see her die, but damn.  It made for a bunch of great scenes.

Sybil Neck

First, we need to give props to Jessica Brown Findlay for showing us what the most painful way to die looks like.  I was almost too distracted by her giant neck, but I definitely felt her pain.  At several moments I was actually worried her head might explode by how strained every  movement looked.  This was made even more powerful by the various reactions in the room- including Tom and Cora’s pleas for a loved one’s life, the fancy doctor having a serious case of “Oh s***!” face (yeah, we all hate you now), and random back and forth shots of a stunned Edith and Matthew leaning on a bed post.  I feel like Matthew never really fits in during these group scenes….

carson tells staff about Sybil

Although this quick death scene was jam-packed full of drama, I felt the quiet scene where Carson tells the staff downstairs of Lady Sybil’s passing had ten times the impact.  They all just looked shocked with grief, and I think this whole theme of how caring goes beyond class hit home here.  Thomas’ breakdown right afterwards was a little awkward, but poignant in its own right.  I think  Carson’s watering eyes were more meaningful since that man is always so stoic.  His moment with the Dowager Countess, who also rarely shows such frailty, continued the waves of sadness as the episode finished out.

Edith and Mary

I was a bit of a fool to get hopeful when I saw Mary and Edith together at Sybil’s bedside.  Mary had made a comment a few episodes ago before Edith’s wedding about how even though they didn’t get along, she still wished her well.  I figured this would be a time for them to come together.  Edith tested the waters and asked Mary if maybe Sybil’s death might finally make them close as sisters, and Mary was almost too quick to say no and offered only a half-hearted hug as a consolation.  Seriously?  At least Mary’s mention of how Sybil was the only one that thought Mary and Edith were nice people shows me she might realize just how much of an a-hole she is turning out to be.  I know Edith did some crappy things to her sister, too, but it’s not like Mary is suffering right now for it.

cora says goodbye

Finally, I want to recognize Elizabeth McGovern.  She played Cora beautifully in this episode.  I loved her line when Tom is trying to decide which doctor to listen to:

Tom: Would you take her to the hospital?

Cora: I would have taken her an hour ago!

There was so much urgency in her voice that you knew this couldn’t end well.  Then she later had the scene where she had to say goodbye to her already deceased daughter.  This was extremely sad, and I think the only thing that stopped me from crying was the frosty comment about Mary asking her father to sleep in the dressing room.  I was like annnnnnnd, things are about to get a lot worse for Robert.  Cora’s last line in the episode which essentially blamed Robert for Sybil’s death (yes Robert, there IS truth in that) confirmed that a reconciliation between the two is far off- if at all possible.

RIP Sybil.  A lot of people will remember you as the sweet and passionate Crawley sister.  I, though, will remember you as the girl in the poofy Jasmine pants.

lady sybil pants

January 28, 2013

Glee’s Sadie Hawkins Episode- Most Awkward One Yet?

To me, Glee has been going WAY down hill since the first season. This fourth and most current season has definitely been the worst. I think they have transitioned the new and old characters okay, but the plot lines are pretty bad and not very genuine. I mean, has anyone really DEALT with the fact that Marley fainted from an eating disorder? Nope. All the characters just blamed her for their loss at the competition. If you are a TV show taking on an eating disorder plot line, you need to see it through and not make the character with the disorder even more of an outcast. It doesn’t really make sense.

Anyway, this Sadie Hawkins episode which aired last Thursday had so many awkward moments where I was literally cringing that I had to share my top five. In no particular order…

1. The Creepy “Baby Got Back” Performance

It took me about 30 seconds to realize this show choir group was singing “Baby Got Back.” In the beginning, I thought it was kind of amusing how they made it sound like a ballad, but I kept waiting for them to lose it and sing it in its pure form (or even go back and forth). Nope. It stayed a ballad the whole time. And it was weird. Unlike Kurt, I think this would convince me NOT to join the creepy college kids in their song change-ups. I’m kind of scared to see what this group will perform next if they are featured in upcoming episodes.

2. Rachel’s Random Outburst

Rachel waits for Brody

Rachel waits for Brody

I was kind of put off by Rachel’s whole “seize the moment” thing with Brody. It so obviously screams DANGER AHEAD to me when she’s saying she’s in love with him. Didn’t they just (sort of) get together in the winter finale? I figured this would come to a screeching halt in a later episode, but I was taken aback at the scene where Brody arrives 45 minutes late and Rachel throws a hissy fit. I have definitely dealt with late boyfriends before. If it happens over and over again, that’s one thing. But it’s the first time AND he shows up with flowers? That seems a little extreme. Plus she started throwing away food! I would have just gone ahead and eaten my half while I was waiting.

I might have been able to get past this when Brody fed her all those cheesy lines. This made me dislike the pair even more. He did seem like a liar with how thick he was laying on the charm. But Rachel eats it up, and instead of just accepting his apology, she asks him to move in. SERIOUSLY?!?! I don’t get it.

3. Tina Asking Blaine to the Sadie Hawkins Dance

Blaine's Reaction

Blaine’s Reaction- also love Marley’s face!

OMG AWKWARD. I was like….wait, is she serious? I can understand liking a guy who may or may not be gay. But a guy who is openly gay AND who has dated one of your friends? This makes no sense. I feel like Tina from past episodes would never do something that stupid. Even if she did develop a crush, she’d be smart enough not to announce it publicly. Jeez. I felt so bad for Blaine in that awkward 10 seconds after she popped the question, and I was kind of glad he said no. She kind of deserved it after making bad life choices. Get it together woman! Didn’t we cover this already with the Mercedes/Kurt love story in season one?

4. Tina and Blaine STILL Hung Up on the Wrong People

Tina and Blaine

I started to feel much better about the Tina/Blaine situation after they said their peace in the hallway and agreed to go to the dance as friends. I was like, okay- at least this is a one episode plot line and we are moving on. JUST KIDDING. By the end, Tina still thought she had a future for Blaine and called him perfect, and Blaine looked on longingly at Sam and Brittany while they danced a few feet away at the end. Apparently this warped, no happy ending in sight, doomed to fail love triangle will continue to plague the show as the writers give up trying.

5. What Ryder does at the 1:06 mark

Yeah, I don’t think I need to explain this one. This was my favorite song from the episode, though.

As if these awkward moments weren’t enough, here’s what we have to look forward to in the next episode (yes, those are pumpkin bottoms):

Glee Calendar Shoot

Take note of the bunny on the left, too.

January 20, 2013

Why You Should Be Watching: Scandal

I remember last year when the Scandal promos started hitting TV.  They pushed that it was by Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy.  This isn’t a great selling point for me because even though I have watched Grey’s from the beginning, I think it has lost so much of its momentum and is way overdue for a series finale.  I also wasn’t really interested because it was like “this show is about people doing bad things and getting away with it.”  I don’t watch the most moral shows, but I don’t like debauchery shoved in my face 24/7 even more than it already is.  So I passed on even giving it a three episode test.

scandal logo

Then season two happened.  I kept hearing how good and addictive it was and I kept seeing previews for it amidst my other ABC shows.  From the previews I picked up that the main character and the president were having/had an affair, the President on the show got shot at some point, and the person that shot the President was probably some character that was friends with Kerry Washington.  This whole assassination attempt plot line was somewhat intriguing, and I figured whenever I hit a lull in shows that Scandal would be one I’d go back and try to watch from the beginning.

Well, as luck would have it, Netflix e-mailed me offering another free trial month.  I then just happened to have an extra internet cord and set up my blu-ray player to stream it, and then started watching season one episodes.  Well, less than a week later I not only finished season one, but bought the first five episodes on iTunes and watched through all of those, watched one episode on, and watched the most recent four episodes on my OnDemand channel- effectively catching me up to this Thursday’s most recent episode.  So yes, I am hooked.  Here’s why you should be, too:

1. The show uses a nice mix of flashback story telling.

scandal flashback

The show starts with Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington- whom I know as the sassy sister from Save the Last Dance) owning an independent (sort of) law firm.  The firm deals with clients who need secrets to go away, cover stories to be told, or the truth to be revealed.  Most clients are involved in messy affairs, but Olivia has at least a shadow of a moral compass that guides her to help in just the right way that you don’t feel like the bad guys got away with it (more that good guys made mistakes).  Anyway, you also know right away that she used to work for the White House and it comes out pretty fast that she also used to be sleeping with the President (dun dun duuuuun).  At first you are like OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!  But occasional flashback episodes (there have only been about three) clear up how it started, why it continued for awhile, why it ended, and why it isn’t really over.  By the end of season one, I think everyone is rooting for the unconventional pairing despite it all.  My favorite flashback has been explaining what led to Olivia leaving because it was both romantic and heartbreaking, as well as making you appreciate Olivia’s strength.

2. Mellie is one of the most interesting characters on television.

mellie scandal

Mellie is the President’s wife, who, in rooting for Olivia, you end up resenting.  However, I have also felt sympathy for Mellie for dealing with everything she has, as well as admired her for being so damn smart politically.  I think my feelings towards her change  from episode to episode.  I can even say that right now, after the most recent episode, I don’t hate her and feel bad that not a lot of people are giving her credit for saving her husband’s job.  I’m sure next week I will hate her again, but that’s kind of the beauty of her character.  Just when you are about to write her off, you get pulled in again just like all the other characters on the show.

3. It will make you want to wear fitted jackets and tailored clothing.

This show has such a great sense of style.  When I think of stylish shows I think of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, which constantly have girls walking around in way too short dresses, high heels, and low cut necklines.  I think we are all kind of numb to how risque this dressing is because we are so used to it.  Oh, of course girls wear mini dresses and 6 inch heels to first period English!  Not.  But Scandal is all about the tailored clothing and making everyone look trend-setting and conservative at the same time.  And this show is an expert at fitted jackets:

Love the peplum fit of this one!

Love the peplum fit of this one!

Off center buttons? Genius.

Off center buttons? Genius.

Even the baggier jackets are flattering!

Even the baggier jackets are flattering!

Signature piece of the show- this girl looks excellent in white.

Signature piece of the show- this girl looks excellent in white.

And don't even get me started on the fabulousness of the formal wear.

And don’t even get me started on the fabulousness of the formal wear.

I kind of want to go out and get a bunch of tailored jackets now.  The only two things stopping me is my teacher budget and the fact that I am not a mere 112 pounds (I even think THIS is a high estimate) like Ms. Washington.  That girl is SO tiny!  For now I will just admire from afar and start creating a mental coat portfolio for future shopping sprees.

4. The story lines keep you guessing.

scandal hospital

Here are some questions I have about the show, even having seen every single episode.  You will want to skip this section if you are serious about watching the show someday.  Fellow fans, let me know if you have any theories!

1) Is anyone going to find out what Cyrus did to Amanda?  I feel like they completely dropped the ball on this.  2) Did the first lady know about the assassination attempt (based on her conversation right before they got out of the car)?  3) Did the first lady ORGANIZE the assassination attempt?  4) Are we supposed to assume the vice president’s old chief of staff was murdered, and has anyone looked into the fact that he just disappeared?  5)  What’s Olivia’s backstory pre-Fitz’s presidential campaign?  6) WTF was up with Abby’s crazy midnight rendezvous with David?  I found that so disturbing. 7) How did Olivia and Huck meet?

I think at least some of these will be answered- especially since those flashback episodes are thrown in every once in awhile.  I am legitimately concerned, though, that number one may never be addressed again.

5. It will make you want to just sit or stand with someone for a minute.

olivia and fitz

I know there are a lot of hot affair scenes in this show.  They have to be there for a show called “Scandal.”  But I think the most intimate scenes were the two where the President asked Olivia to just stay with him for a minute without really talking or doing anything.  I would classify these scenes as those rare “I need to hug a pillow” moments you see on TV.  These made me really care about the characters and solidified my being a fan of the show.  Good job Shonda Rhimes.

For those of you who have been watching the show since it started, sorry it took me so long to jump on your bandwagon.  For those of you who don’t watch Scandal, I hope I have succeeded in at *least* making you consider watching.  It’s worth it, I promise.

PS- One thing I don’t like about the show is the constant use of those shots through glass- you know, where you can see the blurry line of a glass door as the camera moves the subjects back into focus.  These are nice but WAY overused.  I figure if I actually notice a camera technique, it’s used too much.

January 2, 2013

My Winter 2013 TV Schedule

Here is my TV schedule for Winter 2013. You can view a clearer picture of it here (click on the link in the next window, too): WinterTV2013

Winter TV 2013

A few things to note….

….Why is ABC Family bringing everything back at once???? I usually am watching one or two things on that channel at a time, and mostly this is over the summer. Somehow Switched at Birth, Bunheads, Pretty Little Liars, and The Lying Game decided to resurrect themselves all at the same time. I can manage this Monday, but now my Tuesdays, especially at the 8 pm time slot, are packed.

….I live in the central time zone in Oklahoma so all you east coast friends adjust the times accordingly.

….Same color means the shows conflict with each other in the same time slot.

….I *almost* forgot about Being Human. It goes off the air soooo long and it’s not even close to my favorite show. Maybe I’ll stop watching it soon? That’s how I dropped Up All Night the past couple months. I actually forgot to record it a couple weeks in a row and realized I didn’t really care about catching up.

….How I Met Your Mother doesn’t come back until February??? LAME. Also lame? Parenthood only having a few more episodes left before ending until NEXT FALL. WTF. I thought I had at least until March for this one.

….Yay for Cougar Town returning! I’m glad TBS appreciates this quirky show.

….Parks and Recreation was kind enough to move out of that 8-9 clusterf*** on Thursday nights, but now Project Runway is starting their next season and is adding another show back to that over-crowded spot on the schedule. Luckily, PR reruns late the same night so I can DVR that showing instead.

….Of the new shows I recommended in August, I was sad to see Partners cancelled (I liked it!!!); I hated Emily Owens M.D. after one episode and dropped it immediately- it has been cancelled and is finishing its run; I never even watched Made in Jersey and it got cancelled after one or two episodes; I gave up on Animal Practice after a handful of episodes and watched it, like all those before it, get axed quickly; Beauty and the Beast, Arrow, and Go On (my favorite of the new shows!) have all made it to full season pick ups, and I am happy to report they are still on my schedule, too : )

….The Carrie Diaries is my only new show on the schedule. The only other new shows I was interested in are slated to come later- Mistresses (ABC) in the Summer and The Goodwin Games (Fox) likely in the spring.

….FINALLY Community. I hope you are actually still good after all this wait time (it was supposed to return in October 2012).

….I read a bunch of news stories about Downton Abbey in a very regrettable moment and now am not sure if I want to watch Season 3 or not. I suppose I’ll proceed with caution. At least it’s only 9 episodes?

August 5, 2012

My Fall 2012 TV Line-Up (Complete with New Show Previews)

It has been way too many months since I have had a decent weekly line-up of shows, but I suppose that’s always how summer is.  Starting in September, my TV watching skills will come into play as I juggle 23 ongoing TV shows and try out 7 new series (all new shows are given a 3 episode test-this is the rule I’ve developed over time that ensures you will know after 3 episodes whether or not you want to commit to watching a show regularly).  Unfortunately, NINE of these shows air on Thursdays.  My DVR skills will definitely be put to the test on this insane night of competing television, but I’m confident I can handle it (thank god Project Runway will almost be done by the time the other shows start- and it airs reruns!).

Below you will find my finalized TV spreadsheet (sorry it’s a bit blurry in JPEG form).  Shows in the same color conflict with each other, and bold shows represent new series I plan on trying out.  For all the new shows, I’ve included a brief description and a trailer below in case you are interested in watching them, too.

Fall 2012 TV Spreadsheet

Partners– Mondays at 7:30 on CBS

Two guys, one gay and one straight, have been friends since they were kids.  As adults they try to balance their friendship with their romantic relationships, but sometimes run into trouble.  I’m really excited about this show because I love Michael Urie (Marc from Ugly Betty), and I also love that his boyfriend will be played by Brandon Routh (he played Superman!).  Plus, I appreciate that the show takes an unconventional approach by showing how guys can be best friends despite having opposite sexual orientations : )

Emily Owens, M.D.– Tuesdays at 8:00 pm on The CW

Mamie Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep, plays the lead in this Grey’s Anatomy-like show.  The only difference?  The main character is a recovering nerd who is trying to put the past (unsuccessfully) behind her to have a shot at being a calm, cool adult.  I find her much more relatable than a lot of the characters on Grey’s Anatomy, and as that show is being dragged out too long, this show is just starting and brings a fresh perspective.

Go On– Tuesdays at 8:00 pm on NBC

Since Friends, I will pretty much try most of those actors’ new shows.  This is why I watched Mr. Sunshine, Cougar Town, Dirt, and (only the pilot of) Episodes.  Go On is Matthew Perry’s new sitcom about a guy who finds friends and support in a dysfunctional grief group.  I love the bit in the trailer about “March Sadness,” and appreciate that the show seems to balance humor with some real drama about Perry’s character recovering from the death of his wife.  Be sure to catch the initial sneak peek preview on August 8th after the Olympics.

Arrow– Wednesdays at 7:00 pm on The CW

I think I’m only giving this a shot because I watched Smallville for so long. Smallville incorporated the Green Arrow as a regular character in the series, but Arrow is devoting a whole show to the superhero.  The Green Arrow story is about a rich guy who survives a plane crash his parents perish in.  He ends up on a deserted island for awhile and when he returns to his city life, he becomes a vigilante.  I was planning on passing after watching the trailer, but apparently the footage shown at Comic Con really impressed the crowd.  Now I’m curious about watching it…

Animal Practice-Wednesdays at 7:30 pm on NBC

My feelings for this show are kind of hot and cold.  I think it could be pretty funny, especially since the main character reminds me of Jeff on Community, but it might also be too over the top.  The premise is a smart-ass vet balances saving the lives of animals with goofing around with his co-workers and hitting on girls.  It has potential, but like Go On, it needs to balance the humor with drama to create long term appeal.

Beauty and the Beast– Thursdays at 8:00 pm on The CW

This show has A LOT of competition on Thursday night.  Kristin Kreuk plays a police officer who keeps getting saved by a mysterious “beast.”  This beast turns out to be a genetically enhanced soldier that was supposed to have been killed off because he was a failed government experiment.  He escaped, but has to stay hidden to ensure his survival.  Kreuk’s character feels the need to protect him because of the many times he saved her.  I feel that between the hot young actors and the classic storyline, this will probably do well.

Made in Jersey– Fridays at 8:00 pm on CBS

I really try to avoid court room dramas like the plague, but this one just may reel me in.  It has an Erin Brockovich feel to it because its about a Jersey girl trying to succeed as a lawyer in the competitive New York arena.  She uses her street smarts to close some tough cases (think Elle Woods and hair care knowledge), but will take some time to really prove herself.  If the show remains character driven over case driven, I’ll probably love it.  Otherwise it will get dropped (by me) after three episodes for sure.

There are three new shows that aren’t on my schedule because they won’t air until midseason (likely January).  I wanted to include them here in case you still can’t find a show that fits your particular niche.

The Carrie Diaries– The CW

This show follows the story of Carrie Bradshaw (the main character of the Sex and the City series) as she navigates the tough reality of being a teenager.  I absolutely love Sex and the City, and I hope this show maintains the character of Carrie well.  They will have the show set in the 80’s to keep up an accurate timeline, so that’s probably a good sign.

Mistresses– ABC

Despite big TV promos, I really wasn’t feeling any of the new ABC shows this Fall.  Last Resort seems to political, Nashville seems to country, and The Neighbors is actually about aliens…PASS.  Mistresses, however, is planning on taking a shot at that Desperate Housewives vibe.  GCB failed at this last year, but perhaps this one will make it.  I have a feeling it might be a little too sexy for my taste (when every single character is sleeping around with everyone else I get bored- let’s put some real stories and dialogue in there please), but we’ll see.

The Goodwin Games– Fox

How did I miss hearing about this show until now?  It has a great cast that includes Becki Newton (from Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother) and Scott Foley (from Felicity and recently, Grey’s Anatomy), a reconnecting family plot line, and a good mix of humor and drama.  These things all make for a Kelly show.  The premise is that three siblings are reunited by their father’s death, and end up competing for their inheritance in games their father really created to bring them closer.  The trailer for it looks really cute, and I can’t wait to check this one out next year.

What new shows are you looking forward to in the Fall?  And what favorites are you anxiously waiting to return?  For me, I’m definitely looking forward to the return of The Vampire Diaries-what a cliffhanger!

August 4, 2012

Why I Would Be a GREAT Figure It Out Panelist

I loved Figure It Out as a kid, probably because as a class field trip, the entire 5th grade at my school got to be in the audience (#win).  But I like that I can play along at home, too.   Figure It Out is a game show that aired from 1997-1999, and then was recently revived for 2012.  The show’s premise is that a random kid has a talent, and a panel of four “celebrities” (a.k.a. Nickelodeon channel stars) take turns asking yes or no questions to figure out what the talent is.  There are three rounds that range from 45-60 seconds each, and in each round the panelists are given a clue.  This could be in the form of pantomime, Pictionary, or an object shown to them.  If the panelists guess a word in the talent, it appears on the IT Board, which shows the amount of blanks and filler words in the talent phrase (ex. Walks on Ball while Spinning Plates would show  ______ on _______ while ________  ________ at the beginning of round one).  The panelists have the three rounds to ask questions to fill in the blanks, plus a final guess at the end before the kid wins the grand prize (the kid wins a prize for each round he stumps them with the grand prize being given if they never figure it out).

The New “Figure It Out” Set

Now that you are up to date on how the game works, here is why I know I would be a much better panelist than all these “celebrities.”

1.  I would not give up on a clue.  Every clue is directly related to a word on the board.  I would constantly shout out and guess words associated with a clue until it appeared on the board.  I would not just give up and start a random line of questioning to waste time.

2. I would identify clues correctly.  So many clues come out and the entire panel gets stuck on it.  For example, pedometers were brought out as a clue (see below) and they all thought they were clocks or timers.  I immediately was like “It’s a pedometer- IT HAS TO DO WITH WALKING!”  They never made this connection.

Not a clock…

3. I would not repeatedly ask the same question.  Ugh.  This drives me CRAZY.  So many times the panelists will ask the same type of question over and over- “Does it have to do with clocks?” “Do you time yourself?” “Do you balance clocks?” “Does it have to do with time?”  All of these got a no answer, and yet this line of questioning took up a whole round.  More often than not, panelists have even asked the same exact question in a round.  This is such a waste of time!  Pay attention to your peers, people.

4. I would pass if I wasn’t ready.  It would be rare that I wouldn’t have a question ready by the time three other panelists have cycled through, but if for some reason I was tongue-tied or stuck, I would immediately say PASS to move on to the next person.  I always watch in absolute horror as the precious seconds tick by at the bottom of the screen as someone says something like “Um…uh….it doesn’t have to do with clocks….um….maybe…”  I’m getting anxious just thinking about these moments.

5. My final guess would be legitimate.  Even if the rounds have been completely useless and the IT board is full of blanks at the end, I would still try to make a real guess.  A lot of the panelists repeat what others say despite the fact that no words from the last guess were in the answer (ex. First panelist-“Balances on ball while spinning wheels.” Wrong.  Balances and wheels are not in the answer. Next panelist: “Balances on ball while spinning…” Why are you saying balancing?  It’s not balancing!).  And a lot of times panelists just say random, unrelated words in the end.  If you could guess even one word, another panelist might be able to guess the whole thing.  Make it count.

I get that they want the kids to feel good about themselves and get prizes, but most of these talents are not worth televising.  One kid just played bagpipes (cool, but definitely not unique), another basically made a mouse trap like device and was said to have “Built Monster Catching Energy Transfer Machine”….WHAT?  Sorry kids.  I’m not impressed enough to throw the game in your favor.  I love when the panelists actually manage to correctly guess a talent.  It gives me hope that the youth of America is being entertained by at least some people with intelligence.

And with that, I’ll leave you with the episode I got to see live.  You can catch me (or at least, my 5th grade self) at the 3:26 mark.  I’m sitting in the dark blue striped shirt, two girls over from the audience prize winner.

July 22, 2012

Bachelorette Live React

This is the first season of and Bachelor/Bachelorette season I have watched regularly live.  I’m not a huge fan of reality TV, especially dating reality TV, but it’s summer- a time that makes me susceptible to any semi-addictive show while I wait for my beloved prime time TV nights to come back to me in the Fall (is it September yet?!?).  Anyway, The Bachelorette has won me over, especially with the lovely addition of Jef (ahhh Jef <3), and I wanted to commemorate my likely only season of watching with a rundown of my major reactions during the finale.  I feel like there are only 4 possible outcomes for tonight, and I have listed them in order of my preference below.

First Choice: Happy ending with Jef.  Team Jef FTW.

Second Choice: Happy ending with Arie. BOO- But I will take this over third and fourth choices.

Third Choice: Picking either guy and having it not work out by “After the Final Rose.”

Fourth Choice: Not picking either guy.  WTF.  If this happens, I can’t be responsible for the language at the end of my blog post.

Alright, it is officially time to start The Bachelorette.  Grab a drink, grab a pillow, and enjoy “the most dramatic event of the summer” (according to Chris Harrison).  I’ll update during each commercial break : )

7:03: Nice to mention Colorado tragedy Chris, even if this was like the one moment I stopped thinking about the horrible event this weekend : /  But I appreciate him encouraging everyone to work to make their community safer.

7:05: I like her maroon dress and how she dressed it up with a giant gold necklace.

7:06: Good job bringing flowers Jef.  Points for you!  Stay strong against the mom- she might trap you with her questions!  He’s saying all the right things, but he seems nervous : (

7:10: Oh  noes.  Brother seems tough…despite being named Ernie.

7:11: Is every family member going to talk to him separately?  I think it would be hilarious if the future sister in law took him aside for an intense interrogation.

*Commercial Break*

7:17: Brighter outfit for Arie- I like the romantic one from Jef’s visit better, but it works for the whole beachy scene.

7:18: Uhhhh, why are you talking about fishing Arie? UH OH.  He brought out the Bachelorette roses! Watch out Jef.

7:20: Does anyone else think Emily’s mom has WAY too much eye make-up on?  Wait- did she even ask Arie questions?

7:21: Good job Ernie- dig into Arie!  Oh great, now Ernie is falling for both guys, too.

7:23: Arie seems young and child-like to me.  Jef can be fun like that, too, but he can be serious in a way Arie can’t.  Oh look, they are making out AGAIN.

*Commercial Break*

7:29: How are they not sure Jef is the “black and white” answer?

7:31: We’re already talking about not getting engaged? Sigh. These doubts seem to be coming earlier in the show than expected.

7:33: WHAT?  Is this serious drama really going to come up next?  What is going to happen in the next hour and a half?  Maybe we’ll see them get to know each other more (with Ricky) over time after this island trip and she’ll make the choice later.

*Commercial Break*

7:37: Oooo I spot one guy in the studio audience.  YES MORE CHEERS FOR JEF!

7:38: Aww, Ricky’s cute.

7:39: I like that Jef realizes how important it is to meet Ricky before the proposal- and tries to stress that.  It’s a big step for him to become a dad, too.  It’s not just about who Emily wants to add in her and Ricky’s life.  I think all three need to feel that good fit.

7:42: I love that Jef just challenged her and asked her to put herself in his shoes.  I would want to date someone who challenges me like that.  Yay, she agreed to introduce them!

7:44: I love how excited Jef looks to meet Ricky.  He looks more excited than when he got to see Emily for their date 5 minutes ago : )

7:45: Ohhhh, that’s why she kept Ricky from the guys so long.  It’s partly to protect her daughter, but mostly because if it doesn’t go well, it would end the relationship (like she just said).

*Commercial Break*

7:50: You should be nervous Jef. Kids can be tough.

7:51: Just give her time Jef.  Once kids start talking to you- they won’t stop.  Trust me.

7:54: So happy this meet and greet is going well.  I like when Emily said she could picture everything : )

7:55: I think it speaks a lot to Jef’s character that his favorite part was just talking on the steps.

*Commercial Break*

8:01: Ricky wants Jef back- always a good sign.

8:03: I love that he makes her laugh a lot, even in romantic moments.  They don’t have to be making out the whole time to have a connection.

8:05: Oh thank god it’s not just a book.  I was like…this doesn’t seem like a Jef present- oh wait.  Hahaha.

8:06: “Don’t do too much thinking.” Agreed.  I love that she keeps calling him “honey,” too.  Did anyone else pick up on that?

*Commercial Break*

8:11: Uhhh, I don’t care what these ladies think.  Moving on.  “I hope she chooses Arie..” (Me: WHAT????) “…so the rest of America can have Jef.” (Me: Ok lady.  I forgive you for the beginning of that sentence.)

8:14: What are you confused about Emily? WAIT YOU PICKED JEF????? YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY!

8:15: I can’t even focus on her words right now because I am so DAMN excited.  I am happy that she’s not even going through with the date.  If you know, you know.  Don’t give yourself more time to get torn again.

*Commercial Break*

8:22: Okay we got to get through the tears to get to Jef again.  Hang in there people! Poor Arie- Dead man walking.

8:23: No it’s not your last date….oh god.  You won’t meet Ricky.  You’re not getting engaged.  WHY WOULD THEY SHOW US THIS?  It’s so awkward as a viewer.

8:24: Spoiler: The love potion isn’t going to work.  And when she expresses her feelings you won’t feel amazing.

8:25: I want to hug Emily through the TV right now.  You can do this.  It will be good soon.  Just have to get through one last harsh goodbye.

8:26: It’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from O_o

8:27: Oh no.  He’s figuring this out.  Just go Emily.  Break his heart and leave.  You can’t accomplish anything else by sitting there crying in front of him.

8:30: Just let Arie go!  There’s nothing else to say.  Jef will be waiting for you!  Don’t forget the light at the end of the tunnel.

8:33: Joint crying shots- a Bachelorette staple.

*Commercial Break*

8:41: Why are we delaying the Emily/Jef reunion?? And I’m pretty sure the girl in white has fake boobs.  Just FYI.

8:44: We are going to another commercial? LAME.

*Commercial Break*

8:47: Oh good we’re on to Jef Day.

8:48: I like the look-back montage.  Jef is going to be so happy : D

8:49: OOOOO Sparkly *_* Does ABC pay for these rings?  They look a bit pricey.

8:50: I wish I could also hug Jef and tell him it will be okay.  Arie’s already gone dude.  You got this.

8:52: She’s not going to be able to do what if he proposes?  Say yes?  I think they’re just adding unnecessary drama at this point.

*Commercial Break*

8:57: Stop talking Chris.  Let’s just do this.

8:59: I feel like he should have come in on a skateboard again, haha.

9:01: I feel like he should have been more excited that Arie wasn’t even there today, but I guess he’s just nervous.

9:02: I love Jef’s speech ❤

9:03: Oh god, I might cry now.  SHE SAID YES!  I’m so excited now for my own proposal someday : D

9:05: Ooo I like the 80’s song.  If this doesn’t work out in the long run I will be so sad.

9:06: I love that Ricky ran in and that they are walking all hand in hand- and now in slow motion!

9:08: Does anyone else think Emily would look good with shoulder-length hair?

9:09: I would rather have the ring than tape around my finger…even if the person means more.  Just sayin’.

*Commercial Break*

9:16: I’m glad Arie is being mature and not pissed off like Chris was when she kicked him off.

9:18: I don’t really care too much about this Arie segment…but I agree with Arie.  Telling him what she told Chris would have been helpful.

9:21: He flew to Charlotte?!?! Wow.  Did she read the journal?  It looks unopened.

*Commercial Break*

9:27: Yeah, I’m glad she didn’t read it.  That would have been weird.  I do get him wanting more closure.  When you care about someone, you want to give that last ditch effort to know you did everything you could to be with them.

9:29: Can we please get past this awkwardness?  They already talked about this on the phone…and now we’re having to rehash it on live TV.

9:30: If I was Arie, I couldn’t be friends with Jef anymore.  I wouldn’t hate him or anything, but I feel like I wouldn’t get over the relationship still knowing details about the person.

*Commercial Break*

9:38: “I dated a lot of his friends” hahahahaha.

9:39: I like that they still joke a lot : ) Love the family vacation pics!

9:40: I kind of want Ricky in my class now.  She sounds awesome.

*Commercial Break*

9:46: Oh look.  Let’s watch the proposal we just saw 45 minutes ago…and add this little box in the corner to show their non-reactions.

9:50: I like that she took a few seconds to say yes.  It made it more meaningful when she did say it instead of just saying it quickly while caught up in the moment.

9:52: Where did this Dolphin PSA come from???

*Commercial Break*

9:55: Awww, they are gonna be a humanitarian couple ❤

9:56: I’m glad Ricky gets to stay with her family while they build their relationship.  And I’m happy they aren’t moving in together right away. It gives them time to grow a bit first : )

9:58: I will NOT be watching Bachelor Pad.  That show looks awful…

Final Thoughts: Thanks to Katie for getting me into this show so I could be this excited about Jef and Emily in the finale. Thank you Emily for being a smart person and realizing Jef is the one for you.  And also thank you Emily, for explaining you are with Jef because he brings out the best in you and makes you feel confident.  I feel like all girls and women, including myself, need to remember to hold out for someone like that ❤

Hope you guys enjoyed this live blog.  I had a lot of fun keeping it up throughout the show.  Have a great week!

June 6, 2012

Not All Questions are Created Equal: The Miss USA Story

This year I watched the Miss USA Pageant because last year when I didn’t, one of those 16 finalists became my new manager at Teach For America.  Now Brittany’s a pretty awesome and positive person (you can read her fresh blog here), so I was a little more open-minded and invested in this year’s telecast.  I still am not sure how they judge the swimsuit and evening wear events, especially because they insist on judging the girl instead of her outfit.  They all look to have the same exact level of poise and confidence (maybe an infinitesimal difference?) to me.  But the final question section?  That you can judge a lot easier.

Brittany made a comment, which I completely agree with, that the questions aren’t made equal.  They were about sugary drinks, women in movies and TV, Toddlers and Tiaras, Miss USA contestants failure to know the Vice President, and…. is it fair to have a transgender contestant win the Miss USA Pageant.  Seriously?  I felt bad for Miss Rhode Island getting a much harder question, but it ended up working in her favor when she gave a stellar answer and won the Miss USA title later that night.  I was really worried she was going to say it wasn’t fair, but was glad when she said it is fair and still addressed that she could understand why people would be apprehensive about it, too.

I think the worst answer of the night came from Miss Ohio (who looked great in yellow BTW).  This is mainly because she was asked the question I wanted to answer the most- if women are portrayed in an accurate and positive way in movies and television and to give an example.  Of all things, she went with Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman and defended it with “she was going through a rough time but she came out on top and didn’t let anyone stand in her path.”  What?  This is weak, and doesn’t really explain the actual positive things the character did in the movie.  She could have mentioned that she stood up for herself when others misjudged her (who doesn’t love the shop scene?) or that she didn’t need a man to be strong and independent.  I suppose even those arguments are stretching, though.

Please Note: I am not one of the many people bothered by her saying a prostitute is a strong role model (see here), but instead just feel her answer was kind of lacking.

As soon as I heard that question, I thought of two women.  The first one that came to mind, I’m not sure why, was Gloria from Modern Family.  I feel she is portrayed well because she is very girly and likes to have a strong man in her life, but she is also a woman who puts family first above anything else and would defend them (and herself) with a fiery rage if needed.  The second woman I thought of was Buffy, who was a great role model to me growing up.  She was a girl hero (for once!), someone who chose herself over a guy, and was consistently a devoted friend.  There are also a million other examples to work with, but Pretty Woman was definitely not the best choice.  You can even tell in the way she responds that it isn’t very genuine.  I almost wish they were all asked the same question (without hearing other answers) so you could truly compare each of them.

You can watch all the questions and answers in the 5 minute clip below to judge for yourself:

In other Miss USA news…I watched Good Morning America this morning (my mom DVR’d it because One Direction was on- I learned their names today…and now can only remember 2 1/2 of them….) and saw that they were covering the Miss Pennsylvania story (you can view the segment here).  Miss Pennsylvania resigned right after the Miss USA Pageant because she claims another contestant saw that the Top 5 were picked ahead of time.  Donald Trump, the head of the organization, claims that this is COMPLETELY false, and even said his people interviewed the contestant Miss Pennsylvania referred to and she denied seeing anything.  I figured it was possible for it to be rigged ahead of time (maybe based on previous judging), but Trump made one good point- “It doesn’t matter who wins.”  This seems mean, but it’s true.  They are all beautiful girls from all different backgrounds, and choosing one over another won’t have any huge backlash because they all deserve it.

HOWEVER- Donald Trump sounded like a complete ass on the segment as he insisted Miss Pennsylvania was a sore loser and that he saw her for the five seconds she was on stage and didn’t think she deserved to win.  The studio was full of “oooooh”s after this comment, which he repeated later, too.  After this statement, I didn’t really want to side with Trump either.  What a mess.  I know Trump has a ton of money, but he really needs some more class.  Save those snide comments for home- not national television.  He could have easily said “I’m not sure why she would do this, but it’s disappointing,” but to attack her looks and attitude is a douche move that was completely unnecessary.

In the end I must side with Good Morning America, who tried to remain as neutral as possible and get Trump off the phone quickly once the conversation turned ugly.  Good job guys.