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February 24, 2013

Live Blogging The Oscars: Let’s Do This Seth MacFarlane!

Tonight is possibly my sister’s favorite night of the year: Oscar Night!  She has seen 36 of the nominated movies, where as I have seen less than 10…I’m guessing this may affect the amount I picked correctly on my ballot tonight.  As the night goes on, I”ll be sharing my fairly random picks, commentary on the glitzy fashion, and judgements on the quality of acceptance speeches (you know you judge these, too!).  I’m hoping the night will live up to the hype.  Apparently there are a lot of performances packed into the presentation, and of course, Seth MacFarlane is hosting.  It should be an interesting night ; )

oscars seth macfarlane

7:07:  I can’t decide who is best dressed!  I really like Jessica Chastain’s dress.  Kerry Washington’s was pretty, but it doesn’t seem as fancy to me as the others for some reason.  I don’t love the gray of Amy Adams’ dress, but the simple styling (effortless hair, dangling diamond earrings, etc.) was perfect.  Stacy Keibler just walked up in this black/gray/white sequin dress that fit beautifully!

Stacy Keibler Oscars 2013

7:14:  I TOTALLY guessed the red slippers awhile ago when they said it had a bunch of pieces to it.  That was kind of a letdown.  I was hoping they would actually surprise me.  No Oscar mysteries next year ABC.

7:18:  Does anyone else think Kristin Chenoweth is a horrible host?  I feel like she’s made a lot of celebrities feel awkward and just kept talking about how short she was….no one cares.

7:22:  I also think Nicole Kidman looked fabulous.  She even coordinated with the Oscar billboards behind her.  I think I may be in love with form-fitting sequins.

nicole kidman oscars 2013

7:24:  ABC is going crazy trying to fill in these last 5 minutes.  I feel like they are literally pulling celebrities out of their chairs in desperate need to talk to someone.

7:30: Ooooooooo PRETTY!  So many lights on the stage!

7:31:  I’m kind of sad they didn’t do a little montage or comedy intro like they usually do, but they did just announce that the theme is music in film.

7:32:  So far I am not impressed with the jokes.  Please get better ASAP.

7:34:  Oh no.  A joke about the Chris Brown violence with Rihanna….why Seth MacFarlane?

7:35:  I like the shout out to Tina and Amy!

7:38:  Wow…I don’t know what to say about that musical number.  Did they really pre-tape audience reactions to that?  All the ladies were wearing different dresses.

7:39:  Channing Tatum is on stage and not doing a Magic Mike bit????  REALLY?  I’m shocked.

7:42:  LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Daniel Radcliffe!  They’re so cute dancing ❤

7:46:  Now they are mixing Disney songs with Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt!  Better : )

7:47:  My pick for Supporting Actor (completely random) is Christoph Waltz.  I’ve only seen Silver Linings Playbook out of the movies the nominees are from.  Let’s see who wins.

7:50:  Christoph Waltz wins Best Supporting Actor!  Hahahahaha!  I’m already 1 for 1.  Yes, I am already getting cocky.

7:56:  I am not a fan of Melissa McCarthy’s dress.  The fabric doesn’t look very expensive.

7:57:  My pick was Paperman.  It was the only one I saw out of the bunch.

7:58:  Paperman wins Best Animated Short!  2 for 2!

7:59:   I only saw Brave and Wreck It Ralph out of the Animated Movies.  I heard others were better, so I picked Paranorman.

8:00:  Brave wins Best Animated Film!  My first loss.  I should have stuck with Pixar.

8:01:  Here is a montage of a bunch of movies I have not seen…Oh!  It’s Little Q!  I want this girl in my 4th grade class!

8:05:  I like the lighted silhouettes of The Avengers.  Where is this spiel going?

8:07:  My pick for cinematography was Anna Karenina (haven’t seen).  Life of Pi wins for Best Cinematography!  Now I am down to only a 50% average.  Laaaaame.

8:08 Is anyone else distracted by this man’s copious amounts of white hair?

8:09:  I picked The Hobbit for visual effects.  I’ve actually seen that one!

8:10:  Life of Pi wins Best Visual Effects!  I did hear that movie was incredibly pretty.  Now I am down to 2 out of 5 correct picks.

8:11:  OMG.  That was awkward.  Not only do they play music to get you to shut up, but they play threatening music to get you off the stage.  I like Nicole Kidman’s consoling nod to the group that was played off.

8:16:  Love Jennifer Aniston’s red gown!  It’s simple and stunning at the same time.

8:17:  Anna Karenina is my pick for Costume Design.  The Hobbit is my pick for Make-Up and Hairstyling.  Fingers crossed!

8:18:  Anna Karenina wins Best Costume Design!  Back to 50% with 3 out of 6.  This lady also did Pride and Prejudice?  Love that movie and it’s costumes!

8:19:  Listening to The Hobbit music play while they announce the film nominees makes me want to go buy the soundtrack!

8:20:  Les Miserables wins Best Make-Up and Hairstyling!  Sigh.  Back below 50%, with 3 out of 7.

8:21:  The sleeves make Halle Berry’s dress look too matronly.  If she turned that dress into a halter, she’d look much younger.

8:22:  I bet my dad is loving this James Bond montage.  I will be looking out for the Goldeneye scenes where I have killed people off in the N64 video game ; )

8:27:  I really thought they were going to do a compilation of songs there.  Are they going to continue the James Bond stuff throughout the night instead?

8:31:  That Scandal preview was awesome!  It had a very James Bond vibe.  I love that show.  I’ll try to embed the commercial soon.

8:33:  Buzkashi Boys is my pick for live action short.  I saw the kids featured on the news a few days ago, and how they got to come to Hollywood for the Oscars.  Curfew wins Best Live Action Short!  Oh well.  At least I had heard of one of these.

8:35:  I very randomly picked Redemption for Documentary Short.  Inocente wins Best Documentary Short!  I am now down to 3 out of 9  -_-

8:40:  More movies I have not seen- Argo, Lincoln, and Zero Dark Thirty.  This must be the dark and intense group of movies.

8:42:  “I feel like we might have to call him Benjamin Affleck.”  That got a chuckle out of me.  Why are we talking about the films now?  I feel like this belonged at the beginning.

8:43:  I picked The Gatekeepers for Documentary.  I don’t even know what it is about….

8:44:  Searching for Sugar Man wins Best Documentary!  I don’t know what this is about either.

8:49:  I like the color of Jennifer Garner’s dress, but  really want to cut off that back poof.

8:50:  Amour seems the obvious choice for Foreign Film (my pick), but I’d be happy with Kon Tiki!  My kids just learned about the history of this journey in class last week : )

8:51:  Amour wins Best Foreign Film!  4 out of 11.  Maybe I can crawl my way back to a better percentage of correct picks?

8:52:  Wait?  The orchestra isn’t really there?!?!?  #mindblown

8:53:  Ooooo, movie musical review of the past decade.  Bring it on Travolta.

8:54:  Oh man.  Chicago.  This brings back a lot of memories from high school.  I think the whole drama department was obsessed with this movie.  I wish they were performing Cell Block Tango right now instead of All That Jazz.

8:56:  I don’t think Catherine Zeta Jones was singing live…thoughts?

8:58:  Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand, I believe IS singing live.  I think I’m one of the few people that really dislikes this song.  Sorry to the people who love it- I just find it loud and annoying.

9:00:  Did anyone else catch that standing ovation with the Asian lady clapping her purse?  Haha!

9:01:  Fact: Hugh Jackman becomes more attractive when he sings.

9:02:  I still have no idea what Les Miserables is about.  These people sound great, though.  Just kidding- Russell Crowe just started singing.

9:03:  Helena Bonham Carter is in this movie?????

9:04:  I like how when they all sing, you can hear Crowe (the worst singer) over everyone else.

9:05:  Every time I type Les Miserables, I have to think to myself “Miz-errr-ahhh-bless” to spell it correctly.

9:09:  Only Zoe Saldana could wear a belt with an Oscar’s dress and pull it off.

9:10:  Sadly no one cares so much about the scientific awards…

9:11:  Wow, I’m actually really impressed with the Ted special effects on stage right now.

9:12:  I picked Les Miserables for Sound Mixing….Les Miserables wins for Sound Mixing!  This was well-placed after that big performance.  5 out of 12!  Side Note:  What is the difference between Sound Mixing and Sound Editing???

9:14:  I picked Skyfall for Sound Editing.  Go James Bond!

9:16:  There’s a TIE!  I like how Mark Wahlberg clarifies that he’s not joking.  Zero Dark Thirty AND Skyfall win Best Sound Editing!  I’m totally counting this as a win.  6 out of 13!  I need the next one to get back up to 50% accuracy!

9:17:  I guess to be a sound editor you need to be a dude with long, blonde hair.  At least this guy doesn’t have lipstick on his upper lip.

9:18:  Haha, I like The Sound of Music joke.  Now I feel like watching that movie again.

9:19:  Christopher Plummer is getting OLD.  I don’t think i could match him with his character from The Sound of Music.

9:20:  I picked Anne Hathaway for Supporting Actress (she had to sacrifice her hair people!).  OH.  I forgot Sally Field was in Lincoln.  I couldn’t remember what she was nominated for.  I really should have seen more of these.

9:22:  I love Helen Hunt’s necklace!  It’s so sparkly!

9:23:  Anne Hathaway wins Best Supporting Actress!  I love you Anne Hathaway, but I do kind of hate your dress….

Anne Hathaway Oscars 2013

9:29:  Yawn.  No one cares about The Academy’s new museum…well at least not tonight.

9:30:  The college students are dressed really nicely- I love some of those black dresses!

9:32:  Sandra Bullock- why is your hair so boring???  Just straightening it is not enough for the most elegant night in Hollywood!

sandra bullock oscars 2013 hair

9:33:  I picked Zero Dark Thirty for editing, but Argo wins Best Film Editing! 

9:35:  Jennifer Lawrence’s dress looks great on stage.  I like how it poofs out at the bottom.  It’s a nice contrast from the many straight dresses.

9:36:  Adele mentioned on the red carpet that this dress weighs about 13 kilograms (28 pounds!!!) and it was hard for her to take deep breaths when she was performing.  She looks stunning, though.

9:40:  Okay, I think we have nine categories left and less than an hour of planned run time…they must be going over.  The ones left are the two writing, two music, production design, director, lead actor/actress, and picture.

9:43:  Yeah, I think Nicole Kidman has my favorite dress of the evening.

9:44:  This is the only grouping that has a movie I’ve seen before: Silver Linings Playbook.  Wow, they just gave away the ending of it in the montage.

9:47:  What was with the creepy watery floor and hand grabbing scene in the Amour montage?

9:48:  Two movie franchises collide- Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart!  Radcliffe is perfect, Stewart is awkward as always.

9:49:  I picked The Hobbit for production design.  This is it’s last chance to win something!

9:50:  Lincoln wins Best Production Design!  Damn.  Well Peter Jackson, you didn’t really get credit until your third LOTR movie, so maybe that will hold true for The Hobbit.  Did that guy just say he’s married to Adele???  Okay, well your wife is so cool I will allow you to win over The Hobbit.

9:51: Salma Hayek looks like she is choking in that collar.

Salma Hayek Oscars 2013

9:57:  Let’s knock out some of these awards.  We are running out of time, and I’m sure Jennifer Lawrence is still starving (she said this on the red carpet earlier).  I wish I could send her snacks.

10:02:  Somewhere Rachel Berry is ecstatic to see Barbara Streisand singing.

10:08:  No I did not miss that instrumental Titanic interlude : )

10:09: Renee Zellweger looks like she can’t walk very well.  I like how they are all talking normally and then Catherine Zeta Jones uses her fancy presenter voice.

10:10:  My pick for music score was Life of Pi.

10:11:  Life of Pi wins Best Original Score!  Yay!  Another one I completely guessed correctly.  I’m up to 8 out of 17.

10:12:  I picked Skyfall for best song.  Who would root against Adele???

10:16:  I guess the world agrees with my logic.  Skyfall wins Best Original Song!  Back to 50% accuracy- 9 out of 18.

10:17:  Adele’s so cute in her acceptance speech.  Maybe she is only scary powerful when she sings?

10:23:  I have Django Unchained for Original Screenplay and Silver Linings Playbook for Adapted Screenplay.

10:24:  Argo wins Best Adapted Screenplay!  Well, Ben Affleck is probably happy.  I on the other hand, just lost some ground on my accuracy of Oscar picks- 9 out of 19.

10:26:  Django Unchained wins Best Original Screenplay!  YES!  10 out of 20!

10:31:  Sorry if the commentary is lacking.  I’m getting tired and thinking about my 6:30 am wake up call tomorrow.  Hurry up famous people!

10:33:  I picked Silver Linings Playbook for Director.  That movie hasn’t gotten much love tonight.  Also, Jane Fonda’s dress is REALLY yellow.

10:34:  Life of Pi wins Best Director!  I’m disappointed I lost, but I love Ang Lee for making Brokeback Mountain many years ago.  I’ll let this one go Ang Lee….but just this once.

10:36:  Ang Less just said the only word I know in Chinese- Thank You!

10:37:  We’re going to commercial AGAIN???  Now I’m getting pissy.

10:39:  They just came back with “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”  : )

10:41:  I have Naomi Watts for Lead Actress.  I LOVED The Impossible, so I had to back it here.

10:42:  OHHHHHH!  That old lady in Amour just got slapped!

10:43:  I feel like crying just watching the clip from The Impossible.  But…Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress!

10:44:  Hahahaha, I love that she pointed out that she fell.  That’s a great way to make us all feel comfortable about it.  Way to recover!

10:45:  Bradley Cooper looks like he will about fall out of his seat in excitement listening to Jennifer Lawrence’s speech.

10:47:  I did not see Lincoln, but I have it picked for the Best Actor category.  This category is chock full of important people.

10:48:  Daniel Day-Lewis wins Best Actor!  The audience seems happy about this.  As am I- 11 out of 23!  I still have a chance at 50%!

10:50:  So Daniel Day-Lewis is a comedian now?  I would also like to see Lincoln with Meryl Streep as the title character!

10:52:  C’mon Argo for Best Picture!  I want my 50%!

10:53:  Oh man!  They just brought in the First Lady!  I am still loving her bangs (I cut mine first!!!).  I wonder if she really is speaking live??

10:55:  That was kind of too serious for a Seth MacFarlane hosted event…

10:56:  OOOOOOO!  Michelle’s going to announce it!  Argo wins Best Picture!!!!!!!  My final total was 12 out of 24.  Not too bad, and much better than I expected ; )

10:57:  Love the comment about the “three sexiest producers alive.”  I actually did not know Clooney was involved in this movie….I need to pay attention to things more.

10:59:  Ben Affleck is talking so fast- like that one teacher from Saved By the Bell.  Awwwww!  Jennifer Garner’s reaction is so sweet : )

11:00: Okay.  I’m ready for this ending performance.

11:01:  Is this seriously the “big” number at the end of the Oscars???

11:02:  Nothing says lame like when credits are scrolling while you sing.  I wonder why they pushed Kristin Chenoweth so much tonight.  I liked her before, but after today I’m kind of over it.

11:03:  I bet Jennifer Lawrence is like OMG PLEASE STOP SINGING SO I CAN EAT!  I feel the same way Jen- just replace eat with sleep.

Well that’s a wrap folks.  Hope you did better than me on your Oscar ballots and possibly won money over it in work contests!

January 21, 2013

Excelsior! A Review of Silver Linings Playbook

On Sunday, I finally got to see Silver Linings Playbook.  I had planned to see this movie from the first time I saw previews for it, and then became even more intrigued when it started getting so much attention in awards season (it is currently nominated for a lot of Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing, and Best Adapted Screenplay…so yeah, it’s important).  However, my sister saw it and decided I wouldn’t like it.  She is *pretty* good at guessing how much I will like a movie, so I took her word for it and didn’t see it over break.  THEN, I saw about 20 Facebook posts about how much everyone liked it and decided to risk going against Katie and see it this weekend.  Luckily, I didn’t regret this decision.

silver linings playbook

Silver Linings Playbook pretty much follows the story line presented in the trailer.  Bradley Cooper plays Pat, a guy who was just released from a psychiatric facility following an incident where he beat up a guy he found sleeping with his wife.  Pat decides he needs to do whatever he can to convince his wife he is better so she will come back to him.  He does this by working out, losing weight, and doing his best to stay calm and avoid shouting outbursts (which happen a lot).

During this journey, he reconnects with some old friends and family, and meets Tiffany (played by Jennifer Lawrence), a young widow who lost her husband after a car accident.  Tiffany is pretty damaged like Pat, and has similar problems with not controlling her emotions and not having any filter when she talks.  They become friends after a bit, and Tiffany agrees to help Pat win back his wife if he helps her compete in a couples’ dance competition.  As expected, Pat becomes more grounded and reliable by focusing on this dance competition, and both he and Tiffany show signs of falling for each other despite working on separate goals.

silver linings playbook dance

I think that without the dance competition aspect, I wouldn’t have liked this movie as much.  I liked seeing the practice montage (I love movie montages), as well as the final routine.  Chris Tucker is in the film as Pat’s friend from the psych facility, and he is hilarious as he helps Tiffany and Pat practice and insists Pat be “more black” when he dances.  The audience at the theater was cracking up at this.  I think people were happy to see Tucker back in movies again since this is his first film since Rush Hour 3 in 2007.  My favorite part of the film was directly after the dance performance, but I won’t ruin it with details for those of you who want to see it.

chris tucker silver linings playbook

All the characters, even the most minor ones, are all a little odd.  Pat’s parents, played by Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver (both nominated for their supporting roles), are good examples of this.  The dad is obsessed with the Eagles football team, and shows a lot of OCD behavior when the games are on (remotes have to face a certain way, each game has to be taped, etc.).  His gambling over the games’ outcomes adds a little subplot to the movie and ties in points where Pat has to reconnect with his family, too (instead of just the women in his life).  I’m not quite sure how the mom puts up with her son and her husband’s offbeat behavior, but she does provide stability in the movie (and always looks a little frazzled to make her believable, haha).

silver linings playbook robert de niro

This movie is not one of my all time favorites, or even one I would need to see again, but I still liked it.  It’s different from a lot of films out right now because it is a bit more realistic.  People get into fights a lot, and the victories aren’t so wondrous and magical like you’d expect from a movie.  They are just simple moments of joy to bring a few characters just enough happiness to be content with life.  I suppose this sums up why the movie has “Silver Linings” in the title : )

August 3, 2012

20 Movies to Look Forward to Before 2012 Ends: Part 2

Yesterday I started listing all the movies we still have to look forward to this year, even though Summer blockbusters have come to an end.  Like yesterday, I’ve listed all the movies by release date, included a brief description, and embedded the trailers for you to check out the movies yourselves.  Enjoy the rest of the list and let me know what movies you are looking forward to this year!

November 9th

Skyfall: The next big film in the James Bond Series.  I don’t even remember what the last one, Quantum of Solace, was about, but I’m sure I will end up seeing this one anyway.  I would try to explain the premise, but you can just watch the trailer for yourself.

Anna Karenina: For all you period piece and book lovers- this is the movie for you.  I’ve never read Tolstoy’s novel, but I know it’s about a woman who is married to a government official while having an affair with a Count.  She considers leaving her husband to be with her lover, but has to deal with the backlash of Russian society in doing so.  This movie has the same lead (Keira Knightley) and director (Joe Wright) as one of my top favorite movies- Pride and Prejudice.  This makes me think I may just like it ; )

November 16th

Breaking Dawn-Part 2: This is the final installment of the Twilight series, so non-fans should be happy it has come to an end.  I’m a fan of the series, but even I’m ready to move on after this.  In this last movie, Bella deals with becoming a vampire, the Cullens prepare to fight for their family against an army of vampires, and Jacob *finally* gives up his crush on Bella- in favor of her daughter instead.  Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

November 21st

Silver Linings Playbook: Two recovering mental cases, played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, find solace in each other despite their obvious quirks.  I haven’t heard much about this movie, but I found the trailer endearing enough to add to my movie list.  Besides the leads, the move also has a strong supporting cast, so it may just be a hit.

Life of Pi: I still remember reading an excerpt from this book in high school.  I thought it was so intriguing, but I never ended up reading the whole thing.  Perhaps I might just have to grab a copy before this movie gets to theaters.  In Life of Pi, a young man gets stranded on a lifeboat with a tiger (upon more research, it seems other animals are with them, too) after a ship carrying his family and their zoo animals sinks.  The story follows their struggle to survive in the middle of the ocean.  The trailer already looks beautiful.  I’m hoping it’s a good adaptation for fans of the book.

Rise of the Guardians: I’ve been seeing trailers for this animated movie for awhile.  The story follows how Santa, the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman have to team up to fight off an evil spirit that threatens children around the world.  It sounds kind of weird at first, but the trailer makes the movie seem more like an animated movie for adults (like Shrek– which had a lot of humor for the over 12-year-old crowd).

December 14th

The Hobbit-An Unexpected Journey: Do I really need to convince you to see a Peter Jackson directed prequel to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (three of the greatest films ever created, in my humble opinion)?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  This is another book-turned-movie I need to read.  I made an effort to read all the individual Lord of the Rings books before their films, and I’ve heard The Hobbit is a much quicker read (apparently it’s written as a kid’s book).  What I do know about The Hobbit is that it follows the story of Bilbo, including his big adventures with Gandalf and how he came upon the One Ring.

December 21st

This is 40: This is a sort-of-sequel to Knocked Up, only the story follows Debbie and Pete (the sister of Katherine Heigl’s character and her husband).  The couple is struggling with getting older and tries to stick to some resolutions to improve their lives.  Knocked Up is definitely not one of my favorite movies, but this movie looks funny enough to make the trek out to the theater.

Monster’s Inc 3D: Just like Finding Nemo, I’m really excited that this movie is coming back to theaters.  I think it is even more exciting because the new Monster’s Inc movie-Monster’s University– is coming out next summer.  This will be a nice refresher for those who haven’t seen the movie in awhile before seeing the prequel about how Scully and Mike met at college.

December 25th

The Great Gatsby: Okay, I’ll admit it.  Besides hearing the title before, I know absolutely nothing about the plot of The Great Gatsby.  However, I was so excited to hear Baz Luhrmann was directing (because I love Moulin Rouge!) and that Leonardo DiCaprio was starring in it (Leo is usually a sign of Oscar nomination potential).  Check out the artsy trailer for yourselves, and try not to immediately want to buy a flapper dress afterwards.