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January 2, 2013

My Winter 2013 TV Schedule

Here is my TV schedule for Winter 2013. You can view a clearer picture of it here (click on the link in the next window, too): WinterTV2013

Winter TV 2013

A few things to note….

….Why is ABC Family bringing everything back at once???? I usually am watching one or two things on that channel at a time, and mostly this is over the summer. Somehow Switched at Birth, Bunheads, Pretty Little Liars, and The Lying Game decided to resurrect themselves all at the same time. I can manage this Monday, but now my Tuesdays, especially at the 8 pm time slot, are packed.

….I live in the central time zone in Oklahoma so all you east coast friends adjust the times accordingly.

….Same color means the shows conflict with each other in the same time slot.

….I *almost* forgot about Being Human. It goes off the air soooo long and it’s not even close to my favorite show. Maybe I’ll stop watching it soon? That’s how I dropped Up All Night the past couple months. I actually forgot to record it a couple weeks in a row and realized I didn’t really care about catching up.

….How I Met Your Mother doesn’t come back until February??? LAME. Also lame? Parenthood only having a few more episodes left before ending until NEXT FALL. WTF. I thought I had at least until March for this one.

….Yay for Cougar Town returning! I’m glad TBS appreciates this quirky show.

….Parks and Recreation was kind enough to move out of that 8-9 clusterf*** on Thursday nights, but now Project Runway is starting their next season and is adding another show back to that over-crowded spot on the schedule. Luckily, PR reruns late the same night so I can DVR that showing instead.

….Of the new shows I recommended in August, I was sad to see Partners cancelled (I liked it!!!); I hated Emily Owens M.D. after one episode and dropped it immediately- it has been cancelled and is finishing its run; I never even watched Made in Jersey and it got cancelled after one or two episodes; I gave up on Animal Practice after a handful of episodes and watched it, like all those before it, get axed quickly; Beauty and the Beast, Arrow, and Go On (my favorite of the new shows!) have all made it to full season pick ups, and I am happy to report they are still on my schedule, too : )

….The Carrie Diaries is my only new show on the schedule. The only other new shows I was interested in are slated to come later- Mistresses (ABC) in the Summer and The Goodwin Games (Fox) likely in the spring.

….FINALLY Community. I hope you are actually still good after all this wait time (it was supposed to return in October 2012).

….I read a bunch of news stories about Downton Abbey in a very regrettable moment and now am not sure if I want to watch Season 3 or not. I suppose I’ll proceed with caution. At least it’s only 9 episodes?

June 6, 2011

As Rafiki would say, “It is time.”

Up until now, I have tried to just focus on one step at the time.  Graduate.  Go to Russia.  Finish my internship.  Complete TFA course work.  Pack.  Drive to Alabama.  Drive to Tulsa.  Put everything in a storage unit.  Tour apartments.  But now, all I have left is to actually start with TFA.  I honestly feel like I am living someone else’s life.  I’ve become so distracted with even the simplest tasks (ex. I asked for a 3:15 movie ticket when I really wanted 11:15 and I left my thumb drive in the hotel business center, though luckily no one grabbed it in the time it took me to go looking for it) because I think part of me doesn’t believe that I’m here.  I’m not the type of person to just pack up my life and move to an unfamiliar place doing unfamiliar work.  This is insane!

Welcome to Oklahoma

Entering Oklahoma

Tomorrow I move into the Hyatt Regency for a week for induction, and then it’s a two day drive to Phoenix for five weeks of training.  I have a feeling things won’t seem permanent until I get back to Tulsa in late July.  Until then, I’m just going to keep moving forward and do my best to avoid those heart-wrenching glances back.  These next two years might be the best of my life…or maybe they’ll be the worst.  I don’t really know what’s ahead, but the best I can do is keep up a good attitude.  I’ve already survived a two day drive here (part of which was relaxing and beautiful, part of which made me feel like a pretzel and had me teaching myself to stretch while driving to keep somewhat comfortable), lifting more than my weight in stuff to put in storage, and my first experiences with apartment hunting.  The next 6 weeks should be smooth sailing then, right?

We’ll see.

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