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January 22, 2013

My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

Yes I know this is almost a month late, but I’ve been wanting to post about some of the fun and interesting things I got this year for Christmas. This isn’t everything, but it includes some of my favorites.

Nail Polish Gifts

My mom, now super happy that I share her love of nail polish, got me all four of the colors I requested on my wish list. From left to right, I received Beyond Cozy and Leading Lady by Essie, and Casino Royale and Goldeneye from OPI’s James Bond Line. Both of the glitter polishes are really thick- you could probably cover your nail in glitter in one coat (two at the most). I had to really thin out the polish on the brush to make it into a thin shimmer layer over a solid color. Here is what I was able to get to with the Casino Royale on all my nails and Goldeneye just barely streaked over my highlight nail (keep in mind this was several days after initial application).

Casino Royale and Goldeneye

I tried Beyond Cozy later with a purple nail polish called Marrow from Butter London, and also found myself trying to thin it down to create a toned-down shimmer. I think this thickness makes the glitter polishes more versatile because you can thin it out or use it alone as a color. Casino Royale is also nice because it is a dark berry color that can work with a variety of outfits and settings (bright colors can be a little much at work for an elementary school teacher). I love my two owl nail files, too. Thanks mom!

Owl Painting

My dad, knowing my love for owls, bought me a painting from one of the guys he works with. I don’t have a lot of decor in my apartment, especially in my bedroom. I’m thinking I’ll hang this up over my bed, but I’m trying to decide whether to risk putting a nail in the wall (I am HORRIBLE with tools) or risk it falling on my head if I use two thumbtacks. Thoughts?

AJ checking out the Russian Candy

AJ checking out the Russian Candy

Polina, my Russian exchange student from when I was in 4th grade, got me TWO awesome gifts. I usually get little decorative Russian things, but since I took the time to go to Russia, she got some other ideas. I was very excited to open my first gift which was two bags of the candy I like there (certain colors were better flavors and yellow and blue were always the best!). As soon as I opened it and rediscovered my love for this candy, I felt sad that the tea I loved there wasn’t included. BUT WAIT. There’s a second package!

Tea from Russia

Yes, this canister is FULL of Kenyan Sunrise, a delicious black tea that got me hooked on tea to begin with. I found something similar to it here, but nothing can quite beat the original. I’m so excited to have so much of it, too, because now I don’t feel so pressured to ration it (it’s not available in the US).

Owl Listography Book

My friend Erin knows I love writing and making organized lists, so she took a page from the Listography books and created a book for me with topics to fill in, including my favorites, things I wish for, and experiences I’ve had. What made this book especially fun was that she filled in the beginning of some herself so that it is fun to read, too. Here’s an example (and yes- I may go beyond one page).

Page from Owl Book

Finally, since I have not yet outgrown being a kid, I did ask for and receive this from my sister and Dan:

lego lord of the rings wii

Oh Lego games…how I love thee. I am definitely not one to play video games by myself often, so I like the co-op feature of this game (a second player can drop in and out at any point as one of your partners). I also love that Lego games are not that hard. They are long enough that you feel like you accomplished something by the end, but they are not impossible or require a high level of patience. Since Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies, it seemed appropriate to snatch this one up. So far it has been pretty good. The cut scenes are a little weird because they use actual dialogue from the film (most of the Lego games just do a lot of miming to convey the story), and I’ve been a little confused at how some of the easy parts of the story are hard (I got stuck for like 30 minutes trying to jump a ledge to open Moria) and some of the complicated story parts (like defeating the Balrog) take little to no effort, time, or thought. I’ve only finished the Fellowship part, though, so we’ll see how the rest goes.

Thanks to everyone for the gifts listed above. You guys rock! If you want to see the gifts I gave my closest friends and family, you can check out my own DIY Gifts post.

March 12, 2012

Kindred Spirits (When It Comes to Love)

About a few months after I got back from Russia, I saw the trailer for Like Crazy (see end of entry).  The movie is about a girl from the U.K. who falls in love with an American guy in college, and after violating the terms of her visa to stay in the US for a summer with him, she is deported.  The rest of the movie follows the pair as they struggle and find happiness through their journey to reunite with each other.  Sometimes they are together, but a lot of times they are apart or with other people.  Obviously, this plot tugged a bit at my heartstrings, and after nearly a year of waiting, I was able to watch it on DVD this past weekend.

I figured it would just be a relatable movie, but oh no.  It let me find the one movie character that is almost an exact copy of how I am in relationships.  My dear Anna, you are my kindred spirit when it comes to romance.  Here’s just a few reasons why:

1.  I would (and have) written a guy a letter as a way to get his attention.  I absolutely love writing and usually tow a fine line between quirky and truly caring when I write letters.  I should totally steal the idea of leaving one on someone’s car someday.  That took guts, but I admired it just the same.

2. Anna makes Jacob a beautiful scrapbook of their love story when she is about to leave.  I have done this TWICE.  Once for Ben, post-break up, when he was leaving.  This was in mid-high school, so I don’t remember it perfectly, but I know it opened with a goodbye letter that was very difficult to write.  The second scrapbook was for Nikita, which you can see in my old entry here.  I get very inspired to write and create such books when I feel really emotional about something- as does Anna.

3. I’m not super affectionate when in public places, but I love to be a little daring occasionally if the mood strikes and will kiss someone like in the picture below.  I found this especially cute in the movie because it was right after her parents drove away, which made it more amusing.

4. Even if it will make me look pathetic, I will reach out to someone if I miss them.  I will send that “I miss you” text just as she did in the movie, and then regret it when I wait for the same response that will never come.  I’ll never be like the guy who starts to type “I miss you” and then change his mind halfway through.  If you feel it, you say it.

5. In relation to number four, I suck at playing it cool.  When Jacob calls Anna she pretends she’s fine and then calls him back a minute later to admit she’s not and misses him A LOT- that’s so me.  I can’t make myself pretend like I don’t have feelings.  Even if I could make the words come out like that, it would be all over my face.  You may like it or hate it, but you will always know what I am feeling.

6. No matter how comfortable I am, I would never stay with someone I couldn’t completely love.  It may be the safe choice and guarantee you won’t die alone, but there is a reason I am nearing 24 and am still single.  I can’t settle for safe.  And neither could Anna.

7. I truly believe it is always better to lay your feelings on the line.  I admire Anna’s character so much for the phone call she made where she said she would never find what she had with Jacob with anyone else.  That even though she knew he was with someone else and moving on, she made that one last grand gesture.  I have done that before, too.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but I’d rather know I did everything I could than sit alone with my pride wondering what could have been.

So here’s to you, Anna, and the actress and writers that brought you into existence.  You reminded me to be true to myself, and that in doing so, both happiness and suffering will be sure to follow.  I can only hope that happiness wins out in the end and tips the scale.

P.S.- Do yourself a favor and download Ingrid Michaelson’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Dead Hearts” by Stars.  They are both in the trailer embedded below, and are quite beautiful.

August 15, 2011

Dodgeball, Storms, and Some Great News <3

There have been many things worth updating about lately, but I don’t have time to write all of these entries right now so I’m going to condense it into a few with several points.  Here’s the first about dodgeball, Tulsa storms, and Nikita’s present for you to peruse at your leisure.

1.  I voluntarily played Dodgeball on Friday in a tournament…and had fun.  We played 5 rounds in an indoor turf field, and I was playing during the one round we won.  That was pretty cool.  I even got someone out by chance because I am horrible at throwing (they tried to catch it but it hit the ground first).  We played a hipster team first who were okay.  We should have won the last round with them, but the ref made a really bad call keeping one of their players in who was clearly OUT.  The next team we played was 30 something guys and girls.  The guys were tough.  They threw SO HARD.  I was good at not getting hit in the beginning because I think my body went into survival mode and ducked out of instinct.  I still eventually got out.  And we lost really bad.  My hardest hit of the night surprisingly occurred before we started playing when one of my “teammates” threw a ball super hard at another guy teammate and hit me by accident.  First, ow.  Second, OW.  Third, I don’t even know you and I am already pissed at you.  I have a huge bruise on my leg from this accident.  Not happy.  The rest of the experience was really fun, though, I promise.

2. Storms in Tulsa scare the crap out of me.  I grew up in Hurricane Central, but for some reason, the storms here just seem magnified.  There was a really bad storm a few nights ago.  I woke up to some thunder and checked the radar to see a huge red blob coming my way.  When I turned on the news they were talking about the worst parts of it and said the strongest winds that were potentially dangerous were moving to my exact location.  Thank you very much weatherman.  I will be running away now.  I was terrified during this particular storm (my fear of tornadoes goes back to 4th grade…it’s an irrational fear I’ve only somewhat overcome), and eventually decided to sit in my bath tub with Amberjack after the floor started vibrating with the wind gusts.  My bathroom is the only room in my apartment without a giant window, so I felt relatively safe.  Even if this was overkill, I felt calmer, and I think that’s what matters most.  Amberjack is apparently unphased by storms and even seemed slightly annoyed that I was removing her from her cozy bed to sit with me in the bath tub.  She did her “it’s going to be okay, just pet me” duties perfectly, though (see below).  We bonded : )

Hiding from the storm

3. Nikita FINALLY got his present from me.  This actually happened before I left Phoenix, but I didn’t find out more about his reaction until a couple weeks ago.  From what I heard, he loves it and has not stopped talking about it since he got it.  He was really surprised that I had included so many things he liked, and even wondered if I chose the album color because I knew he liked green (I did).  He’s enrolled in English classes next year and told Polina to tell me that next time we meet he will talk to me in English.  This makes me smile just writing about it.  I should get back to studying Russian again at some point.  All the Russian I wrote in his album was correct, but I have Google to thank for that (seriously Google, thank you for correct translations).

As the days go on, I think about Nikita less and less.  I think I just really wanted him to get that book and appreciate it for the heart I put into making it.  Now that I have that closure, I can move on a bit.  I should mention, though, that the first decoration I put up in the apartment last week was a photo frame collage that one of my colleagues from A Gift For Teaching gave me before I left.  It’s pictured below with my favorite picture, the letter Polina gave me when I left (it has owls on it!), and the words Russia and May 2011 written in Russian.

Russia Photo Collage

Must get to bed now.  I’ll try to do some quick updates this week as I make more progress on my first week lesson plans : )


July 8, 2011

Worst. Flight. Ever.

Two weeks ago I was working on lesson plans and just decided to go home for the following 3 day weekend.  I hadn’t planned to visit home anytime soon, but I really needed a break from Institute life.  Airfares were okay, so within half an hour, I had booked a red eye flight home for the upcoming Friday.  I had to work my ass off all week to make sure I had as little to do as possible once I came home.  This included using our surprise afternoon off for additional lesson planning…boo.  I didn’t get all I wanted to done, but I got a good start on most things.  Friday came soon enough, and by 11:50 pm, I was on my connecting flight to Atlanta, ready for the three day pseudo-break.

It must have been about an hour into the flight that we got the snack and beverage service.  I had apple juice and pretzels, and then tried to get as comfortable as possible in the middle seat (in an exit row, so I had a lot of leg room).  I was fine, but then suddenly had a huge wave of nausea hit me.  I never get sick like this, so I tried to just sit through it, but within minutes decided I had to get up and get to a bathroom ASAP.  There was no way I was going to throw up in front of people.

I stood up fast and hit my head on the ceiling.  This didn’t phase me much because I was focused more on my destination.  I remember being behind this guy walking SO SLOWLY in the aisle, and when he finally sat down, I made my way forward.  I kept hitting almost every seat, which should have been a red flag, but about 8 steps away from the bathroom, I felt myself crumple to the floor.  The last thing I remember was hearing everybody gasp and get up around me and then I must have blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, there were a few passengers around me and a couple flight attendants.  One of the flight attendants said I fainted and then had a seizure.  WHAT???  I remember thinking, “Oh, this is a dream.  Wait, no, this is real.  Yes, I remember falling and now I am on the floor in front of a plane full of people.  Greaaaaaaaaaat.”  They asked me my name and age, and I also gave them my seat number for good measure (I had this urgent need to prove that I was okay).  I told them what led up to falling while I mentally asked myself the following questions:

Did I throw up? ::Checks face, clothes, and floor:: No.

Am I clothed? Yes.

Does anything hurt? My knee, kind of.

Did they have to shoot me with some type of shot to wake me?  I don’t think so.

Two of the passengers with me were physicians, and they had a brief debate whether I actually had a seizure and why I would have collapsed.  The same flight attendant who told me I had a seizure started talking about how planes can have weird effects on us.  I was like lady, I just flew to Russia and back, and China and back the year before.  I got this plane thing down (or at least I did).  Then she said alcohol can make it worse.  I told her I hadn’t had any alcohol for a week at least, and she stopped talking.  The group around me on the floor finally decided that this was probably a combination of dehydration and exhaustion, and eventually my “seizure” was downgraded to just shaking.

The minute I had regained consciousness I felt fine.  I didn’t feel nauseous, and I was able to get up and go back to my seat without any help.  I was just mortified about the whole incident, and still had about an hour left to go on the plane.  Just FYI, there is nowhere you can hide on a plane.  I did suffer minor bruising on my knee and face, but otherwise was left fairly unscathed.  The paramedics checked me out when I got off the plane, and reported that my blood sugar, blood pressure, and pulse were fine.  They thought it was ridiculous that I was told I had a seizure because I wouldn’t have been aware right afterwards if that was the case.

Despite being fine, the experience was really traumatizing.  TFA Institute staff always says to take care of yourself, but it’s really difficult when the expectations are so high here.  No matter how far ahead I get, I always have something that I have to be working on.  Luckily, we only have a week left and then my time will be mostly my own again.  I’ve never felt like I couldn’t push myself just a little more, but apparently even I have a limit.  My goals for this week involved drinking (non-alcoholic drinks) and sleeping more, both of which I’ve been able to more or less accomplish.

I haven’t cried almost at all since induction started, but I had way too much time to think on my way back to Phoenix.  A few tears came out quietly when I let myself think about everything I force myself to bottle away when I am here to keep it together.  Most heartbreaking of all?  Remembering how happy I was on that roof in Russia with Nikita.  I boxed up those feelings when I drove to Oklahoma, but they’re definitely still with me all the time.  His package is also MIA in Russia right now (USPS tracking status just says “Arrival at Post Office June 15 RUSSIA”…that’s specific).  I haven’t lost all hope that he’ll get it, but I’m thinking it’s likely I’ll see it returned before he would ever see it.  As long as it isn’t lost forever, I suppose that will have to do.  Please think positive postal service thoughts in the meantime ❤

June 2, 2011

Moving On

I leave for Oklahoma in less than 48 hours. CRAZY. Most people in my situation would be focusing on packing and getting TFA reading out of the way (to be fair, I’m done reading, just haven’t finished all my follow-up writing assignments) , but of course, I got sidetracked with a special project.

Ever since I came home from Russia, I have missed Polina’s (former exchange student who I stayed with the whole time in Russia) brother, Nikita. He is only about a year and a half older than me and has already gone through a lot of the things I am going through now- moving away from home, finding a place to live by yourself, balancing a full workload, etc. Every day I wish I could talk to him about my anxiety, excitement, and fears about the big move, or just have him distract me with stupid jokes (when you can’t speak someone else’s language too well, hilarity will ensue). Unfortunately, we can just communicate enough through charades and a few words here and there in person, but written and voice communication won’t really be possible until we understand each other’s languages better.

I was sad about this for awhile after I got back from my trip. There was so much more I wanted to talk to him about, but instead it was off on a train to Moscow, and then later a plane back to Orlando. After a couple weeks of semi-moping, I decided to do something about how I felt by sending him a present. Choosing a gift was still tricky due to the language barrier, but eventually I came up with something awesome.

::Prepare for the Awesomeness::

One of the conversations I did have with Nikita in Saint Petersburg was how much he liked Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios when he had visited here in 2000. I combined that interest with our language struggle and developed an ABC book of things found around the park. For each item, I wrote down the word translated in Russian to hold up in the picture I took at the park. This way, the ABC book serves as an english tutor and a Russian/English dictionary. I had to get creative with a lot of the words (thanks to those who made suggestions for tricky letters!), and taking the pictures on Wednesday was a nightmare with the on and off again downpours. Me and Dan (my brother-in-law who took all the photos) kept running to get pictures in between storms or re-staging shots under overhangs to avoid messing up the Russian signs. It got a bit ridiculous, but once the rain let up, we were able to power through a good chunk of the remaining shots.

I put the pictures together in a scrapbook tonight, and also added some extra pages with messages in Russian, pictures from my time in Saint Petersburg, and a CD of primarily instrumental music from movies (most of the movies included I know he likes, and he really likes soundtrack music…this seemed like a good way to go given the lack of english in instrumental music). You can view a video of the completed project (including my translations) below:

I can’t tell you how proud I am of this book. It forced me to practice my Russian, let me do something nice for someone else, and also allowed me to get my feelings out creatively when I can’t rely on talking. Now that this is done, I can move on from missing Russia, the families I met there, and Nikita, and focus on what’s to come. Oklahoma? Let’s do this.

May 24, 2011

Lost in Translation

I’ll only post a couple more entries about my time in Russia, but I did want to share a few of my favorite memories of problems I encountered with mixing English and Russian.  Let me know your favorite ; )

1 ) Kids or Tea?

Nikita: “Do you want kids?”
Me: “Umm, well not right now…wait, what did you say?”
Nikita: “Do you want chi?”
Me: “OH!  Tea.  No. Not right now.”

2 ) English is Hard

Nikita was reading a book Katie got me just to show me he could read English outloud.  He almost got through a whole paragraph perfectly until he got to the word “Judged.”  He read it “jood-ged” and I just about died laughing (as did he when I said the correct pronunciation).

3 ) It’s a Rooster!

::Pasha and I walking past a cage of chickens and roosters at the Moscow Zoo::
Pasha: ::points to Rooster and declares:: “Cock.”
Me: “Well, yes, but we don’t really use that word because of its other meaning.  It’s kind of bad.”
Pasha: “What else does it mean?”
Me: “Yeah, Cock is fine. Nevermind.”

Rooster at Moscow Zoo

Rooster at the Moscow Zoo

4 ) Rihanna Translated

::Rihanna’s S & M video comes on in St. Petersburg::
Me (to Nikita): “Yay American music! Even if it’s a little crazy.”
Nikita: ::Blank stare::
Me: “Do you know what the song is about?”
Nikita: “No.”
Me: “Oh. Well, kind of what s going on in the video. ” ::Proceeds to mime being handcuffed because that is the only thing I could think of in the moment besides pointing at the screen::

5 ) Signa…what?

Nikita: Kelly, what’s name of this? ::Points at alarm on iPhone::
Me: “Alarm.”
Nikita: “Uh-Larm.”
Me: “Yes.  What’s it in Russian?’
Nikita: “Signalizatsiya.”
Me:    O_o ……”I’m going to go with alarm.”

6 ) McDonalds = McDonalds

::Russian waitress asks to take my order at McDonalds::
Me: “Um, Nikita, can you help me?  I want ::points to Chicken McNuggets meal::
Nikita (to waitress): “Chicken McNuggets.”
Me:   -_-      “Okay, I could have done that.”

7 ) Keeping Busy

::Talking with Alexi (a friend of Pasha’s who could speak English pretty well) about cars::
Me: “Most American’s drive an automatic car.”
Alexi: “I don’t like it.  It’s too boring.  You always need something to keep your hand busy.”
Me, Pasha, and Alexi: ::Dead silence for a few seconds, and then we all burst out laughing at what that statement implied::

8 ) Machinas!

::Watching Transformers in Russian and they happen to say the word “machina”::
Me: “Machina!  That means car!  They said car!”
::Nikita starts laughing::
Polina (in a teacher to a preschooler tone): “Very good Kelly.”
Me (proudly): “I understand like every 100oth word in this movie!”

9 ) Not Microbiology

::Nikita trying to explain a class he is taking in dental school::
Nikita: “We look at cells and use a microscope.”
Me: “Oh! Microbiology.”
Nikita: “No. That’s a different class.”
::Nikita shows me the textbook used for the class and then we translate it on Google to see that it’s the equivalent of Histology in English.::
Me: “OH.  Histology…Yeah, I don’t know that word in English either.”

May 23, 2011

Ch ch ch changes

I’ve been home for just over a week now and have had many opportunities to share my experiences in Russia.  The one thing I always tell everyone is that the trip was life changing.  Now that may sound overdrammatic, but visiting another country can do that.  I appreciate things I have here more.  Russia isn’t a barren wasteland or a small village, but the standard of living is not the same as the U.S.  Public restrooms are extremely small and not very well kept, parking lots are a rare thing to find (even at popular establishments), elevators fit a maximum of four people if everyone smushes together, living in a house is extremely rare, and some apartment hallways look like a place where you could buy crack in the U.S., but when you step into someone’s apartment, it’s the most beautiful room you’ve ever seen (at least equivalent to rooms in my house, but most of the time even better looking).

Below are two videos of the apartment I stayed at in St. Petersburg post-fire damage from 6 months ago.  In the first video, you see the hallway damage and then the nice individual room inside (so pretty).  The second video shows you the individual room in detail, and the shared kitchen and bathroom (note the bucket I mention later in the entry is shown here) areas.

I expected some of these things…others surprised me.  But what I found most interesting was how kind the people are.  Families welcome you into their home and cook you multiple course dinners upon arrival.  People sleep on the couch-turned-bed in a hallway just to make sure you get the nicest room in the apartment (even though you are already grateful to avoid paying for a hotel).  I always felt like the attitude there was “how can I make this place your home?” where in the U.S. it is more “how can I make space for you in my home?”  I was overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness I was shown everywhere we went.

Something else that was interesting about the trip was me.  From the moment I stepped off the plane, I became very easy going and okay with whatever was thrown my way (not your typical Kelly).  Running through train stations, climbing roofs, eating fish with the scales left on, walking endlessly through the streets of St. Petersburg, being shown the bucket of water to use in the bathroom “just in case” the plumbing had problems…nothing really phased me.  I just felt very fortunate to stay with various people and explore the country with Polina and her family.  I adopted the motto “If you’re not dying, your fine” pretty quickly, and then just went along with whatever happened.  And really, I loved it and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Nikita, Valeriya, and Me on the Roof

Roof Climbing in St. Petersburg with Nikita and Valeriya

Now, a trip can’t be life changing without changing your life, so here are a few habits I’ve picked up since being back:

1) I now drink hot tea daily, if not twice daily, and LOVE it.  Greenfield’s Kenyan Sunrise is currently my favorite.
2) I take a 3 mile (about an hour) walk every night when the sun starts to go down just to get moving.  Sitting at a desk all day is really hard after walking everywhere for ten days, and even watching TV causes me some restlessness (3 weeks ago me would have been like WHAT?????).
3) Lightly salted cucumber slices is now a popular snack of choice.
4) I don’t try to make food more plain, and have had several sandwiches and salads since I’ve come back without making any adjustments (for those who do not know me well, I always plain things down when I order- pasta with sauce on the side, hamburgers plain, just cheese and meat on sandwiches, etc.).
5) I am making time every day to learn more Russian vocabulary.  I really want to go back and visit, and I know learning more of the language would make it more enjoyable to communicate with all the people I encounter.  I’m even practicing reading it : )

I know, nothing TOO major, but this is just the beginning.  I leave for Oklahoma in less than 2 weeks.  My life is about to change in many ways, and I’m really excited about it.  I took on Russia and loved it.  Now, I can take on anything.

May 18, 2011

And the Axe Falls Down

When I was at JFK on Friday, I was eagerly skimming Twitter and Facebook posts I had gone without for about 5 days (in social media time, this can be forever).  To be fair, after the first day, I actually enjoyed not looking at my phone all the time.  It allowed me to focus on the people and places around me and really take everything in.  But now that I’m back, I’ve mostly returned to my usual iPhone habits ::sigh::

Anyway, the biggest news I accumulated in my first hour was the following:

*Ashton Kutcher is replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men?  I have never seen an episode of the show, could care less about Charlie Sheen, and only moderately care about Ashton Kutcher, but wow.  I think it’s good Kutcher is returning to TV since his movies are at best okay to see once.

*Casey Anthony is still news.  Really?  Over it.


That last one was a big deal.  I pride myself on handpicking new shows to start watching to replace the ones retiring (this year, both Smallville and Life Unexpected ended for me).  I picked up a LOT of new shows this year in particular, but nearly ALL of them got cancelled.

Cancelled List: Better With You, Perfect Couples, Off the Map, Mr. Sunshine, No Ordinary Family, Hellcats, The Event

Renewed List: Happy Endings

ABC's Better With You

Yeah, Happy Endings.  That one I’ve only seen about three of the aired episodes and just decided I’d keep watching.  All the other ones I have seen all the episodes for.  Some I’m okay with going, like The Event and Mr. Sunshine.  I could go with or without them.  I was most disappointed about Better With You because I think it really is a great show that people didn’t bother to try.  Some of the others, like Hellcats and No Ordinary Family, had their highs and lows for me, but I’m still disappointed they weren’t given a 2nd chance to impress.  Boo.

I’ll try to keep a glass half full view, though.  Supernatural and Chuck could have easily been goners, but both were renewed for the Fall.  I think Supernatural staying on another year will ease my Smallville pain (not my favorite show, but have watched every episode live (or near to live) since it began when I was 13).  I missed the last two episodes of Smallville when I was in Russia, and I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch them yet.

If you want to check out a full list of all the major networks’ renewed and cancelled shows, click here.

May 18, 2011

One Leap

Have you ever been zoning out while your iPod is on shuffle, and then suddenly realize the random song that is playing describes exactly how you feel in the moment?  This happens every once in awhile and always catches me by surprise.  I immediately decide I am in love with the song for being there for me when I need it, and listen to it on repeat until my emotions work themselves out and I’m back to happy dance music.

My recent song came on when I just let Joshua Radin’s “The Rock and the Tide” play on my first long drive after coming back from Russia.  It’s my go to CD when I can’t pick anything else, but this time one of my lesser favorite songs came on and I had that feeling of soulful recognition again (yet another reason why I love Joshua Radin music).

The song is called “One Leap,” and the verse that hit me right in the heart was the following:

“I talk to you in my mind,
while I lie down, I wish you could hear
all the words you’d said, without knowing,
they traveled the world in my ears.”

“And it’s too much to say,
I need you this way.
But tomorrow, you’re already gone,
and I have to move on.”