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January 5, 2013

My Go-To (and actually healthy!) Breakfast

Last year I spent a lot of time hard boiling eggs for school. I’d take one or two with me in the morning and try to scarf them down while I took attendance, listed off the day’s agenda, and recorded which students ate the school breakfast. It was not the easiest of feats, but I managed. Now in my second year of teaching, I’ve come to appreciate the greatness that comes from eating a really filling breakfast. While I was putting together my LifeSTYLE Book, I came across a “recipe” (it’s less of a recipe and more putting food on top of each other) for a little twist on the usual Eggo waffle breakfast.


The recipe suggested getting two multigrain frozen waffles (less than $2 for 10 at Target), toasting them, and then spreading Sunbutter on top. I have always been loyal to peanut butter, and it was hard to make such a drastic change, but I tried it. It’s a bit smoother than peanut butter and has a little more of a nut flavoring. It’s pretty comparable, though, and from my research the health benefits are pretty even for both. But, if you are looking for a change- I’d pick up Sunbutter from your local Target. It’s in the aisle with all the regular peanut butter stuff, but keep in mind it will be more expensive. I usually pay about $6 for it and get a new jar every three weeks or so.

After you make your fateful Sunbutter vs. Peanut Butter choice, cut up a banana and throw those slices on top. I have to buy really small bananas so I don’t have to cut these huge chunks to fit on my waffle, so try grabbing those mini bunches when you’re digging through produce at the store. This is how it should look (no surprises!):


I eat this almost religiously on school days unless I’m running late. It can keep me full for about 6 hours, which is amazing. I’ve made this for lunch and dinner sometimes, too, if I’m feeling particularly lazy and want a quick food fix. Delicious : )

July 10, 2012

Confessions of a (Delayed) Shopaholic

Around the time I turned 24 (about 4 months ago), the Earth must have drastically shifted.  I can’t scientifically prove this, but I feel like this is the only explanation for suddenly wanting to try out new hairstyles, buy a whole new wardrobe, read every fashion magazine available, experiment with new make-up, and attempt painting my nails…these are all very non-Kelly things.  I was always more of a DVD/Video Game/Book buyer.  I had never owned a curling iron in my life.  I couldn’t put my hair in a ponytail until I was in high school (true story).  My nails were never painted unless my mom did them on a whim.  My entire make-up collection could fit in one, pint-sized bag.  And for most of my life, my entire wardrobe came from Old Navy or Kohls.  But yeah, 24 hits and that life is over.  I think this picture sums up the transition best-

Since I have the summer off, I decided to really let myself indulge in all these girly things I’d been avoiding.  To start, I began putting together a book of outfits and products I liked by cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them into a leather bound sketch book.  This book quickly evolved and now includes fun quotes, celebrities I adore, workout suggestions, recipes, hosting tips, ways to decorate your living space, etc.  I call it my LifeSTYLE book because it basically communicates how I’d like to style my life, not just my outfits ; )  You can see the pages I’ve completed so far here in the Facebook album I’ve started.  It’s like a physical Pinterest, but I miss out on the sharing aspect Pinterest offers.  I figured this was an easy way to make up for that.

As I continue to work on the book, it is starting to come to life.  I’ve bought a lot of the products, tried almost all of the recipes, and even started putting together outfits based on the ones I like.  Here’s a good example:

My outfit inspiration.

Switched the colors, but made it work.

Closer look at belt.

FYI- Shirt (Belk $12), Shorts (Old Navy $17.50), Belt (Target $12.50)

I also saw picture after picture of the highlight nail trend and with my miniscule collection of colors, tried it out myself.  I really like that it adds a funky, youthful vibe and is this small reminder I see every day to try something new.

Trying the highlight nail look

FYI- Purple is “Watch Your Language” by Spoiled and Red is “Color to Diner For” by OPI

Today I decided to take the leap with my hair and try my luck with a curling iron.  I did my hair in three separate layers, but sporadically grabbed random chunks beyond that.  After curling for a good 20 minutes, I sprayed my head with a flexible hold spray from Garnier.  I liked the way it turned out, but I might use more products next time to get it to hold better.  My hair is pretty thick and heavy, so 2 hours later it just looked really wavy and had lost a lot of the curl at the bottom.

First curling iron try

Since I spent all this time curling, I figured I’d play with my hair a bit more.  I tried to make the soft curls look a little more girly by pinning back my hair around my forehead.  I feel like my hair framed my face better after this:

Pinned back after curling

Finally, I tried to add a braid of my own hair as a hairband after watching this YouTube video.  I had a really hard time pinning it down on the opposite side of my head because my hair was so smooth, but perhaps I will figure that out later.  I was happy to get it nice enough to take some pictures:

Braid as a hairband.

Closer look at the side.

I hope you all are having a fun summer.  I’ll likely update more about my fashionista journey and the many mishaps I have along the way (WHY won’t the curls just stay???).  That should provide some humor for you ; )

August 1, 2011

School Daze

This week I began my orientation back in Tulsa with Teach For America.  On the first day, we were released to go check out our school assignments and meet the staff and principal.  My mom and I had driven out to the school the week before, but we had just driven past it without going inside.  It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere, and is located at the dead end of a residential street.  I went out there on Wednesday with another corps member, Morgan, who’s assigned there.  We weren’t really sure what to expect, but it was definitely surprising.

The elementary school is an open school, meaning there are no class rooms.  There are these big open spaces with dividers that make up each class instead.  It’s so different than anything I saw growing up.  A few Tulsa schools recently closed, so a lot of schools are taking in new kids.  Our school is absorbing a whole other elementary school, so a lot of rearranging is currently going on, including the addition of some classroom trailers.  Because of the limited space right now, me and Morgan will have to share the gymnasium as our classroom for the first month until we get our own trailers.  I’m excited to eventually have a trailer because it would be hard to adjust to the open school areas.  However, teaching in the gym as a shared space will be challenging.  I’m going to just stay really positive about it and collaborate as mush as possible with Morgan to make sure we are quiet for each other when we need to be.

The staff we met were really nice and very welcoming.  They all offered to help us as we transition to the school.  The principal sat down with us and also explained a lot of things and answered our questions.  My class will have between 20-30 kids, the school day runs from 7:45-2:50ish, there are a lot of resources on property we can use, and all our students get donated supplies from a local news station at the beginning of the year.  I’m excited to find out more as we get our curriculum and meet the other 2nd grade teacher who will lead us (me and Morgan are both assigned 2nd grade).  I need to start making unit plans ASAP, but I do need the curriculum guide first.  In the meantime, I’m planning out procedure/classroom culture lessons for the first couple weeks and gathering resources.

I spent about $60 at Target today on their Back to School discounted items.  I now have some crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, pencils, and pencil boxes for back up classroom supplies.  I also got a bunch of Play-Doh since it was on sale, too, with some number cut outs for the kids to practice math using Play-Doh.  I figured it could be a good center activity at some point.  We’ll see.  I tried to get a class set of composition notebooks (they were 40 cents!), but they only had 12 left that were wide ruled.  I’ll have to check again tomorrow to get the remaining 12 or so for my students.  I had a journal I had to write in often for school when I was in 1st grade, so I figured I could use this for 2nd grade, too.  One of the things I learned over the summer is that kids need to practice writing a LOT.

I also have been hunting down books for a classroom library.  I was able to get some at a great used bookstore here in Tulsa, but I also made a wishlist on Donor’s Choose.  If you haven’t heard of the website, it’s designed so teachers can post projects they need funding for and have anybody search through the projects and make a donation.  If you’d like to donate a few dollars to my class library project I have posted (or at least can spread the word a bit to others who might), you can go to my project page here.

I’ll keep you updated on my school and classroom adventures as the year goes on.  Stay tuned : )